Sunday, April 25, 2010

Red Red Wine on a Sunday #27 I'm In Trouble

Hope you are ready for some Minneapolis greatness this fine evening. Soul Asylum is a perfect example of the great sounds coming out of the area in the 80's. Join me tonight to celebrate the band and listen to other bands that have that Soul Asylum sound.

Here's the Playlist:

Draggin Me Down
Soul Asylum
Say What You Will, Clarence...Karl Sold The Truck

Made to be Broken
Soul Asylum
Made to be Broken
Sent in by Joe from The Best Table In Hell Podcast

April Fool
Soul Asylum
Grave Dancers Union
Sierra Nevada Brewing XXX Ales

Simple Life
Hail Citizen
Nobody Gets Hurt
Download the Album here

Our Whole Lives
The Hold Steady
Heaven is Whenever

Sexual Healing (Marvin Gaye cover)
Soul Asylum
No Alternative
Suggested by Jason

Will I be Married
The Jayhawks
The Blue Earth

Paw Paw Patch
Popdose interview

The Crooked Place
Glass Eye
Hello Young Lovers
The Devil and Daniel Johnston

Song For Louise Post
Buck Pets
1987 Demo
Sent in by Jason Snyderman from Burrito Electrico
George Washington - Independent Brewer?

I'm In Trouble
The Replacements
Twintone 7"
Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash! LP

Tied to the Tracks
Soul Asylum
Twintone 7"
Made to be Broken LP
Record Store Day Madness

Baseball Altamont
Coyote 7"
AZ Local

I'm in With the Out Crowd
The Jesus and Mary Chain
Blanco Y Negro 7"
Hate Rock 'N' Roll LP

Click the link below to download the podcast:

Remember, next week I'll be playin' some songs from The Jesus and Mary Chain, the bands that influenced them, their peers and their followers, so if ya have any favorites, let me know or send them my way by April 29th and I'll include them!

For RRW #29, I'll be playin' some songs from Oz (Australia) , so if ya have any suggestions, let me know or send them my way and I'll be sure to play them.

Send your suggestions to
Even better, send me the song you picked and an mp3 of you introducing it!

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