Friday, April 23, 2010

Ebay Record Store Day 4/23/10

Record Store Day Ebay Vinyl

Each Friday, I post the 5 rock 45's that commanded the highest $$$$ on Ebay over the last week.

Hey - I'll go back to that next Friday - today let's see what some vinyl enthusiasts are paying for the exclusive Record Store Day releases

UK only 1,000 Pressed
Clear Wax Hand Silk Screened Cover 600 Pressed

Set of 7 of the 10 released
Each one unique and with a photo of the Record Store that you purchased it from!
75 pressed for each store

1000 Pressed for Record Store Day 2010

"New" track from Exile on Main Street
? pressed - my 2 are #7776 and #7777

2 LP 1100 pressed Hellcat Label


  1. I adore REM's first EP. Box Cars (Carnival of Sorts) is pretty much my favourite REM song of all time. Hugely underrated.

  2. El - Agreed, great song. I'll be doing an REM based show at some point and now know at least one song to play. Moral Kiosk from Murmur is a favorite of mine - not sure why - brings back some good memories....