Sunday, December 6, 2009

Red Red Wine on a Sunday #8 Kiss Me On The Bus

We head over to Another Planet, visit the Cosmos and end up with Starry Eyes. Power Pop / New Wave Goodness awaits.

Here's the Playlist:

Elvis Costello
When I Was Cruel

Radio Radio (Live on SNL)
Elvis Costello

Just About Glad
Elvis Costello
Brutal Youth

Another Girl, Another Planet
The Only Ones
The Only Ones

Lonely Next To You
Shane Champagne
Teenline #102

Left In The Dark
Battle Of The Garages Volume 1

If I Can See You
Gentlemen Jesse and His Men
Gentlemen Jesse and His Men

Boys Club
Unreleased - go Here to listen to more

Pretty Please
The Quick
Quick in Tune with Our Times 7"
DIY: We're Desperate- The L.A. Scene (1976-79) LP

Starry Eyes
Virgin 7"
Smashes, Crashes and Near Misses LP

Television Generation
Kursaal Flyers
CBS 7"
DIY Teenage Kicks UK Pop Volume 1

Big Tears
Elvis Costello
Columbia 7"
Ten Bloody Marys & Ten How's Your Fathers Lp

I Am The Cosmos
Chris Bell
Rhino 7"
I Am The Cosmos LP

Numbers With Wings
Swedish RCA 7"
Numbers With Wings / Beat Hotel LP

Found Out
Title Tracks
Dischord 7"

Kiss Me On The Bus

Download the episode by clicking on the link below


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