Monday, November 8, 2021

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #509 - I Don't Know (Outtake)


The only Safe For Work podcast on all of Real Punk Radio!

Here's the Playlist:

Thee Headcoats
Beach Bums Must Die
Thanks to Tom for the song and Subject!!!!

Shit From An Old Notebook
Double Nickels On The Dime

I Don't Know (Outtake)
The Replacements
The Pleasure's All Yours: Pleased To Meet Me Outtakes & Alternates

Shit's Fucked
The Copyrights
Learn The Hard Way

Four Letter Word
Dale Hawkins
Checker 7" Compilation

Fuck It
New Bomb Turks
500 Miles To Glory

Shittier Day Than Me
The Orbitsuns
Dollars And Dice
Suggested by Jer

Little Bitch
The Specials
The Specials

Motherfucker Are You Ready To Rock?
Boris The Sprinkler
Thanks Noland

Don't Fuck Me Up (With Peace And Love)
Kudos to Boyd

Fuck Me Pumps
Amy Winehouse

A Little Bitch (And A Little Bitch Better)
68 Comeback
Paper Boy Boogie

My Shits Fucked Up
Kinky Friedman
The Loneliest Man I Ever Met
Thanks to Jake

Casino Boogie
The Rolling Stones
Exile On Main Street

Go Fuck Yourselves
The Cruel Intentions
No Sign of Relief

Yuk Foo
Wolf Alice
Visions Of A Life
Cheers Kate

Never Say Never
Romeo Void

How's Get Fucked Sound
The Vee Bees
Yeah Nah Yeah Nah
Thanks Darren

Don't Need a Cunt (Like You to Love Me)
Amyl and The Sniffers
Comfort To Me

Fucked up Party
I'M Sorry Sir, That Riff'S Been Taken

Who's That Twat?
Dead Sheeran
A National Disgrace

Lower Than Mud
Bad Turn

Fuck You!
Came Down Different

Pocket Rocket
Blonde Revolver
Blonde Revolver EP

Love You All Night Long
Ryan Glenn
Faraway Rose

Smash Shit Up
Dropkick Murphys
Turn Up That Dial

Fuck These Fuckin Fascists
The Muslims
Fuck These Fuckin Fascists

Fuck You, Ms. Rochelle
Dillinger Four
Mutant Pop 7"

I Say Fuck
Purple Vinyl Sub Pop Records 7"

So I Fucked Up
The Lemonheads
Taang! 7"

Too Drunk To Fuck
Dead Kennedys
IRS 7"

Rolling Stones
Rolling Stones 7"

Little Bitch Blue
Suzi Quatro
French RAK 7"

Beastie Boys
Blue Vinyl Capitol 7"
PS - I didn't play the "Clean Version"

Green Day
UK Reprise 7"

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Clip on the Show tonight courtesy of Captain Tom:

The Champion Of Dirty Words     George Carlin

Next week, the subject will be Cover Songs.

In 2 weeks, it is time for some Favorites (Punk, 2 Tone, College Rock, 70's Rock)

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