Monday, November 16, 2020

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #474 - Stuck In The Middle


The Theme this week is Stuck In The Middle

Here's the Playlist:

Middle Of The Road
The Pretenders
Learning To Crawl
Suggested by Kate

In Betweens
The Nils
The Nils
Cheers to Jer

Stuck In The Middle

In The Middle Of The Night
Pete Cummins And The Redeemers Four
Shakin' Time

Rosie in The Middle
Brian Setzer
Live Nude Guitars

Central Park N' West
Ian Hunter
Short Back N' Sides 

Seven's In The Middle, Son
Preacher Boy
The National Blues

Middle Man
John Prine
Common Sense
Suggested by Boyd

Left Of Center
Suzanne Vega Feat. Joe Jackson
Pretty In Pink Soundtrack

Last Perfect Thing
Wire Train
Between Two Words

Say Yeah
Tony Middleton & The Willows
Gone Rock And Roll Party

Stuck In The Middle With You
Stealers Wheel
Reservoir Dogs Soundtrack
Thanks Eric!

In the middle of the night
One Step Beyond

The Rolling Stones
Between The Buttons

Central Standard Time
The Get Up Kids

Between Love & Like

Stone Cold Sober
Kudos to Jake

Rise Up From the Center of The Rising Sea
Fight Fire

Half Way To Crazy
The Jesus & Mary Chain

Love Potions

Through The Mists Of Time
Power Up

Say What Again
Shepparton Airplane

Paradise for One
The James Hunter Six
Nick of Time

Katchi (Live at Pappy & Harriet’s)
Nick Waterhouse
Live at Pappy & Harriet's: In Person From the High Desert

Add It On

Gone to Pieces
Bloodshot Bill
Get Loose or Get Lost

Password To My Soul
Bob Mould
Blue Hearts

It's A Long Way Down
Class Kicks

First Move
Yum Yums
For Those About To Pop!

Take Me Back To Planet Earth
Muck and the Mires
Take Me Back To Planet Earth

Half A Boy And Half A Man
Nick Lowe
Columbia 7"

Half a Mind
The BellRays
Revenge 7"

In The Middle Of The Back
Latest Flame
Wood Shampoo 7"

Half Loved
Eddie Cochran
UK Rockstar 7"

Eric the Half a Bee
Monty Python
UK Charisma 7"

MidLife Crisis
Faith No More
UK Blue Vinyl Slash 7"

Between the Lines
Pink Fairies
UK Stiff 7"

The King Is Half-Undressed
UK Charisma 7"

Sitting In The Midday Sun
The Kinks
RCA Promo 7"

Stuck Between Stations
The Hold Steady
Clear Vinyl Vagrant 7"

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Break Music:

Half A Boy And Half A Man     Los Straitjackets
Halfway Between Dayton and Maryon     The Syndicate Of Surf
Wail It     Rich Clayton & The Rumblers   Taken from Surfin' In The Midwest Vol. 1

Clips on the Show:

Battle Of Midway 1976 Trailer
Man in the Middle 1963 Trailer
The Fellowship Of The Rings 2001 Trailer

Next week, the theme is  The End.

In 2 Weeks, it's Bitter.

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