Monday, December 23, 2019

Redox #207 - Loud Loud Loud Loud Guitars

Originally posted .....sometime in the past?

Guitars - Rock N Roll wouldn't exist without them - Thank You Leo and George!
Let the Worshiping begin with some Swingin' Neckbreakers, Chords, Clash and Tuff Darts.

Here's the Playlist:

B Sides And C Sides

Still Crazy
The Exploding Hearts
Guitar Romantic

Loud Loud Loud Loud Guitars
Bob Dunlap & Symphonic Buzz
Big Hits Of Mid-America, Volume IV
Suggested by Joe of the Best Table in Hell

Guitars In The Sky
The Records

Notes and Chords Mean Nothing to Me
Redd Kross
Born Innocent

Jail Guitar Doors
The Clash
Black Market Clash
Suggested by TimPop

My Guitar Lies Bleeding in My Arms
Tuff Darts
Tuff Darts!

Guitar Man
Mike Waggoner & The Bop's
Speed Crazy

Rock 'n Roll Guitar
The Memphis Morticians
Play Primitive Trashman And 13 Other Love Songs

Capo, 4th Fret
Tony Sly
12 Song Program

Guitar Town
Steve Earle
Guitar Town
Suggested by Brent

Six String Love
Van Buren Boys
Six String Love
Suggested by Jake of Jake's Inferno

British Way Of Life
On Target (20 Direct Hits From The Mod Revival)

G Turns to D
One Chord to Another

Six String Belief
Son Volt
Okemah and the Melody of Riot
Suggested by Boyd

Guitar Man Upstairs
Drive-By Truckers
Southern Rock Opera
Suggested by Jer

Gold Top
The Supersuckers
Born Wth A Tail
Suggested by Tommy of Tommy Unit Live!

Mumblin' Guitar
Cub Koda
Welcome To My Job - The Cub Koda Collection 1963-93

My Guitar
The Swingin' Neckbreakers
Kick Your Ass

The Guitar Man
Pressure Chief
Suggested by Brent

Guitar, Talk, Love & Drums
Gary Myrick

Planet Earth

My Guitar
Sonny Vincent
The Good The Bad & The Ugly
Suggested by Greg of the Rock N Roll Manifesto

Leo & George
Road Rage

21 Guitar Salute
Dropkick Murphys
Singles Collection Vol. 2 (1998-2004)

Guitar Date's
Bomb the Rocks: Early Days Singles 1989

Missile Me
Guitar Wolf
Golden Black

Try To Make It Right
A Weakness for Spirits

White Men With Guitars
Attention, Human Beings!
Suggested by Noland of The Tanked

Guitar Shop Asshole
Popular Favorites

I'm The Guitar Man
Voodoo Boogie Train

Victory Lap
Missing Monuments
Missing Monuments

Long-Legged Guitar Pickin' Man
Johnny Cash
Columbia 7"

That Is Rock & Roll
Atco 7"

Girls Who Play Guitars
Maxïmo Park
Uk White Vinyl Warp 7"

One Chord Wonders
UK Stiff 7"

Beneath The City Of The Guitar Vixens
Short Fuses
Sympathy For The Record Industry 7"

Background music tonight:

Driving Guitars    Ventures

Space Guitar    Nick Curran and the Lowlifes

Hully Gully Guitar    Percells

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