Sunday, December 29, 2019

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #443 - If Only You Were Lonely (with Tom Waits)

The Absolute, Without a Shadow of a Doubt, Finest, Greatest, Most Excellent songs of 2019!!!!

Here's the Playlist:

Kid Kapichi
Sugar Tax - EP

Send Me A Postcard
Bob Mould
Sunshine Rock

If Only You Were Lonely (with Tom Waits)
The Replacements
Dead Man's Pop - We Know The Night—Rare & Unreleased

The Coathangers
The Devil You Know

Sick Of This Old World
The Muffs
No Holiday

Rainbow Shiner
Ex Hex
It's Real
Jer's Pick!
Jer's list -

Watch You Shine
Gino and the Goons
Rip It Up

Amyl and The Sniffers
Amyl and The Sniffers

Girl Boss Of Paris
Guitar Wolf

Kansas (Remembers Me Now)
Orville Peck
Thanks Kate!

Why You Rat
The Aggrolites

Please Be Good To Me
Hannah Williams & The Affirmations
50 Foot Woman

The Regrettes
How Do You Love?

First Date
Tijuana Panthers
Carpet Denim

Fantástico Roberto
Redd Kross
Beyond the Door

Someone Else is in Control
The Mystery Lights
Too Much Tension!

Campari & Toothpaste
The Rock'n'Roll Kamikazes
Campari & Toothpaste

When Nothing's Going Right
Stray Cats

Start Breaking
Summer Cannibals
Can't Tell Me No

Symphony Of Silence
The Get Up Kids

Angela Loves Me
Vista Blue
Tricks and Treats

Silver Streak
Hammered Satin
Velvet Vortex
Cheers Boyd!

I'm in a Band
Danko Jones
A Rock Supreme

Lost in Lust
Pretty Vicious
Beauty of Youth

Popular Creeps
Bloodshot Red

Nothing Ever Changes
A Prayer for the Loud
Salute Jake....

Bleach Boys & Beach Girls
The Minus 5
Stroke Manor
Thanks John

Pub Feed
The Chats
Red Vinyl Burger 7"

Shoot Me With Your Kamera
Scratch Buffalo
Pink Marble Vinyl 7"

Geoff Palmer
Stardumb 7"

The Cavemen
Slovenly 7"

Tell Me What You Want
Proto Idiot
Permenant Freak 7"

On Your Feet
Juliana Hatfield
Green Marlbe Vinyl
American Laundromat 7"

Instrumental Break Music:

The Fishin' Hole     Los Straitjackets
Jack Pot     The Aggrolites
Game of Thrones     Los Straitjackets

Clips on the Show (Top 3 TV and Movies of 2019 - IMHO):

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (#1!!!!)
The Witcher (Superman's eyes are gold?????)
The Irishman (CGI fest)
Fleabag (#1!!!!!)
Avengers #451 - (God, I love these movies.......)
Russian Doll - see this, you wont regret it!

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