Sunday, November 22, 2015

Brouwerij Lindemans Kriek

Happy Sunday - looking forward to Thanksgiving here in the States and the inevitable Pie Day (the morning after wherein I have an assortment of pie for breakfast altogether with steaming mugs of coffee).  In anticipation of that event, I've decided to grab a Cherry Lambic and the most readily available one at that.  

Brouwerij Lindemans has been brewing up the wild Lambic style beer for generations - the brewery was founded in 1822.  The style is known for the process wherein wild yeast is used to ferment the wort.  Wild yeast, as opposed to the yeast most brewers use give the beer a "funky" and "sour" character and this beer is a great example.  So that explains the Lambic, what about Kriek?  Kriek means Cherry in Flemish and after the brewery finishes the Lambic, sour cherry juice is added to make this beer complete.

In the glass, the beer is a reddish brown with the red predominating and has a nice pinkish haze to the head.  Smells of cherries and "Funk".  The first taste is all fruit and the finish dry and clean.  Only after a few sips does the sourness and funk come out.  Some "experts" call this a simple beer, but I love it - clean, refreshing, sweet and sour.  Not an "everyday" beer, but its a sorely needed change of pace for me as I have been in Hop Heaven for a few months (not there is nothing wrong with that.....).

From the Urban Dictionary definition of Kriek - A delicious amalgamation of Malt and Belgian Cherries that is brewed in Belgium. It is a lambic and technically a beer but it is unrecognizably from its more "common" relatives. It is one of the best tasting beverages in the entire world, and its consumption is a rite of passage in some communities in the San Fernando Valley.
"Dude, don't you remember that one time that we drank all of that kriek and then we went driving and flipped your dad's car?"

"Oh yeah, that night was awesome, it's all good though."

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