Sunday, October 13, 2013

Southern Oregon Brewing Company Pin-Up Porter

A Wonderful Fall Day out here on the Left Coast.  Wearing jeans for the first time as it is below 70 out, but sunny as hell.  It's that time of year to crack open the Dark Ones......   I've got a Porter from the Southern Oregon Brewing Company opened up this afternoon and it is tasting heavenly.  I picked this up earlier this year on a trip to Portland and on the advice of a listener of the show.  Been saving it for when the weather turns and am kicking myself for not opening it up sooner.  Very light for a porter, almost in the English style, very unlike the big chewy American Porters that I have had before.  This one is very Malt Forward and what malt they put in this one - they use Weyermann's dehusked Carafa II malt that lends the chocolate and coffe undertones.  Briess Carapils, Rahr 2-row and Caramel malts give it body and Danish lager yeast fermented at ale temperatures (much like the so called "steam" style of Anchor brewing in San Francisco) is a bit of magic that catapults this one up to the top of the Porter heap.  I get a bit of burnt fig and a very light soy sauce when it is in the nose and a very nice smooth finish that I'm loving.  From what I have read, this one is supposed to have a burnt character like a Rauchbier, but I'm not getting that.  This video review below calls out the smokiness - hey maybe the aging that my bottle has undertook smoothed it out?

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