Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fort George Brewing Vortex IPA

Recording the Halloween episode and sampling a beer that I brought back from a trip to Portland earlier this week.  This one, a Fort George Brewing Vortex IPA, came back in my checked luggage.  I should have read the can as the beer is unpasteurized and needs to be refrigerated at all times.  Well, it was in my bag for a couple of days and then hit the refrigerator, none the worse for wear.  The brewery is in Astoria, Oregon on the banks of the Mighty Columbia River downstream from Portland and just before the waters of the river empty into the Pacific.

Nice orange color with small white floaters due to this being an unfiltered beer.  So, that means that I just downed lotsa brewers yeast - yeah - my Chromium and Vitamin B - complex quota for the day has been met, as the yeast provide lotsa great stuff for your health - Cheers!

This one is 7.7% ABV and rates a 97 IBU.  Nicely balanced, but with a couple of sharp notes that prevent it from being stellar.  I will seek out more from the brewery if I ever get back up to Portland.

Fort George Brewery web site -----> Fort George House Yeast

Beer Advocate -----> 90 points

The video below is from RichsWorldBeerTour - an entertaining review of the beer

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