Sunday, September 16, 2012

21st Amendment Hop Crisis? Imperial Ale

It's a Hop Crisis!  At least that's what the folks over at the 21st Amendment Brewery want you to think.   Clever packaging and a freakin' killer Imperial Ale combine to make this one a repeat buy for me.  First impressions are the most important and this one gives you a nice 2 finger head with a cloudy golden haze that made me wonder what my taste buds have in store.  This one is 9.7 % Alc. with 94 IBUs and is aged on Oak Spirals.  What - Oak Spirals?   Come on - what kinda marketing is that?  Don't know if I can taste the oak (is this supposed to be a Chardonnay?), but the finished product is awesome - highly recommended.  Citrusy, Crisp, Malty and the alcohol is very well balanced.  My crisis now - I need to grab another 4-pack.

This one was a tenner for a 4 pack down at my local Beer Shoppe - well worth it!

Propoganda from 21st Amendment -->  Hop Crisis!

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