Sunday, September 23, 2012

2010 Chateau Amour Bordeaux

It is a glorious sunny afternoon out here on the Left Coast.  Opened this bottle up on Friday night and had a glass - wasn't impressed.  After sitting a couple of days and opening up, the second glass is going down pretty well.  The wine is a 2010 Chateau Amour Bordeaux from the Medoc region of Southwest France.
The oxygen has liberated some of the aromas and I'm getting some fruit and tobacco from this wine that I thought a bit thin on Friday night.  Not worth a second purchase, as the very similar Chateau Haut Blaignon that I opened up last Mother's Day is a much better crafted wine from the region and a bit less expensive.

Trader Joe's Propoganda on the wine ----->  Fearless Flyer

Just JoeP review of the wine ------->  Just JoeP

Here's my review of the superior Blaignon ---- >  Chateau Haut Blaignon

A bit on the photo of the program for the Pinball Expo - spent most of Saturday at the show in Marin and had a blast - the morning was spent at Amoeba on the Haight digging in crates.   I pulled out a few colored 45's from the Estrus and Douchemaster labels, plus a couple of Rockabilly 45's that I've been looking for.  



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