Sunday, August 26, 2012

Kona Brewing Company Big Wave Golden Ale

Aloha on this Gorgeous Sunday!  Ok you got me - I don't speak Hawaiian - in fact, I've never even been there, but this Big Wave Golden Lager from the Kona Brewing Company is taking me there.  I can picture myself on one of those Black Sand beaches with one of these in my hand.  But for now, I'll just enjoy the wonderfully smooth American Blonde Ale in my hand.  I was reading through the reviews of this Ale on the great Beer Advocate site and ran into a perfect description - Cornbread - yep, it's got a great honey and bread yeast flavor and aroma.  This beer is very light and drinkable - perfect for a late summer day (or a Black Sand Beach).  Now - it doesn't get much love over at the Beer Advocate (check below for the link), but I love it and out of the four beers that I received in the sampler case, this one ranks #2 behind the Koko Brown Ale I wrote about a few weeks ago.  Also in the sampler case was a sixer each of the Longboard Island Lager and the Fire Rock Pale Ale.  Both were good, but not great.  I need to try some more of this Hawaiian goodness.  I saw a Coffee Porter in a can from the company at my local beer shoppe.  Now that might be good in the coming months...

Kona Brewing Company Propoganda ---->   Big Wave

Beer advocate page on the beer ----->  Big Wave

A bit on the rekkids - I always hit up a local SPCA Thrift store weekly, but had not been in a couple.  Surprisingly, there awaiting me was a stack of UK 45's from the late 50's and early 60's.  Needless to say - I made a donation to the cause and walked away with a dozen or so - Impalas, Gete Pitney, Cliff Richard and the Shadows, Duane Eddy and a Sue records pressing of Little Piece of Leather from Donnie Elbert - great stuff at 2 for a dollar.

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