Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ruhstaller 1881 Kuchinski Hop Ranch Red Ale

It's a hot one today - but I got a nice brew open to cool me down - picked this one up earlier this week and saved it for Sunday.  I've had a couple of the Ruhstaller beers before including the 1881 brewed with hops originating from Oregon and Washington, but this one is also brewed using local hops from the Kuchinski hop ranch in Lake County (just north of Napa).

5.6% alcohol and 35 IBU, this red ale is nicely balanced and perfect for a hot summer day. Three finger head and a nice clear red color.  Love the burlap on the bottle and the nice ceramic label - makes for a beer that looks as good in the bottle as it tastes going down.

Here's the breweries website - Ruhstaller

And on Facebook - Ruhstaller


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