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Ebay Rock 45's 7/27/12

I'm back searching Ebay for some interesting high $$$ 45s that have sold on Ebay recently.  Here's the top 5 for this week along with the corresponding videos. 

Minor Threat      In My Eyes    $2,026.00

From the Auction:

MINOR THREAT In My Eyes RED VINYL only 125 copies made! 1st press, Cousin(s) PS

Dischord 5/Limp 41
After working with Minor Threat on their demo session and recording the first EP with them, they recorded this second gem, but they needed money help from me to get it pressed, as the indie suppliers were slow in paying Dischord the money they were owed. I bank rolled the pressing costs and they made it a split release between my label and theirs, Jeff Nelson has given me permisssion to use his informative description of how and why this very scarce first pressing came to be...."This copy of 1st pressing (Red Vinyl) of Minor Threat's 2nd 7" EP, released in December 1981. Dischord No. 5 / Limp Records No. 41, in rare xeroxed sleeve. Only 1,000 copies were pressed, and of those 1,000, the first 125 are EXTREMELY rare. We did not have the covers done in time for a show we were playing, and so made 125 xeroxed covers. These 125 covers have a misspelling of "Gary Cousins" in the credits (should have been "Gary Cousin"). Record is in original white paper inner sleeve, with xeroxed, folder-over paper sleeve, inside original (quite thin and loose) plastic bag. (all subsequent copies of "In My Eyes" featured hand-folded and glued record cover) This record does NOT include a lyric sheet, as the lyric sheet was not completed yet. None of the first 125 records came with a lyric sheet, unless we thought to stick one in with the record later on. None of my copies of the record have a lyric sheet in them. This Minor Threat record has 4 songs: "In My Eyes", "Out of Step (with the world)", "Guilty of Being White", and "Steppin' Stone". Recorded by Don Zientara at Inner Ear Studios in Arlington, Virginia (on 4-track tapedeck, in the basement of his house). Produced by Minor Threat. Mixed by Minor Threat and Don. Made possible by Skip Groff (of Yesterday & Today records, and owner of Limp Records)." Jeff forgot to mention that the band made me famous (infamous?) by the comment, "skip, we love you" at the end of Steppin' Stone, this particular copy I am auctioning has everything as Jeff described, only played once in 30+ years, stored carefully. On the xeroxed sleeve, in their haste to assemble the sleeves that day, there is just a slight little cut in the edge of the paper, otherwise in great BOX 8187, good luck!!

Fallout     Rock Hard    $686.13

From the Auction:

Super rare metal 7" featuring  Peter Steele (then billed under his birth name, Peter Ratajczyk) on bass and vocals and Josh Silver on keyboards, as well as John Campos on guitars and one time Agnostic Front/Carnivore drummer Louie Beateaux (then billed as Lou Beato) on drums.Fallout released only one record before the band's demise in 1982, the "Rock Hard" 7" single, released in 1981 on Silver Records. LIMITED TO 500 COPIES.. Sleeve shows only slight signs of aging and is near mint as is the record and photo. Poster is 19" X 24" heavily 
creased at the folds but unused.

The Gaslight Anthem     Sink Or Swim Ep     $289.99

From the Auction:

This listing is for The Gaslight Anthem's Sink Or Swim Demos 7" on BLUE SPLATTER Vinyl with SCREEN PRINTED JACKET. This is a first pressing and LIMITED TO ONLY 104 COPIES! 

Bobby Swanson     Rockin Little Eskimo     $286.99

From the Auction:

Hard to Find Rare Rockabilly 45!! 
US ORIGINAL PRESSING. Dead Wax Numbers are S-425/S-426. 

Otis Redding    Pain In My Heart    $280.99

From the Auction:

Original French EP. Cover m-/record vg. A record company executive was receiving these at the time they were released.

This lot caught my eye when I was searching last night.  

The Kinks Singles Collection     $515.00

From the Auction:

 COMPLETE LIST OF SINGLES INCLUDED: (A side/B side) 1. drivin/mindless child of motherhood 2. shangri-la/this man he weeps tonight 3. victoria/mr churchill says 4. lola/berkley mews 5. apeman/rats 6. gods children/the way love used to be 7. supersonic rocket ship/you dont know my name 8. celluloid heroes/hot potatoes 9. sitting on the midday sun/one of the survivors 10. sweet lady genevieve/sitting in my hotel 11. mirror of love/hes evil 12. holiday romance/shepherds of the nation 13. ducks on the wall/rush hour blues 14. you cant stop the music/have another drink 15. sleepwalker/full moon 16. father christmas/prince of the punks 17. black messiah/misfits 18. wish i could fly like superman/low budget 19. you really got me/all day and all of the night 20. starstruck/picture book 21. there is no life without love/lincoln county 22. king kong/plastic man 23. love me/tin soldier man 24. animals in the zoo/denmark street 25. death of a clown/love me till the sun shines 26. susannahs still alive/funny face 27. mr pleasane/harry rag 28. days/shes got everything 29. party line/dandy 30. gods children/moments 31. 20th century man/alcohol 32. "/skin and bones 33. reservation/short version* 34. cricket/mirror of love 35. money talks/short version* 36. im in disgrace/short version* 37. one of the survivors/short version* 38. celluloid heroes/short version* 39. starmaker/ordinary people 40. long tall sally/i took my baby home 41. you still want me/you do something to me 42. you really got me/its alright 43. all day and all of the night/i gotta move 44. tired of waiting for you/come on now 45. everybodys gonna be happy/wholl be the next in line 46. set me free/i need you 47. see my friends/never met a girl like you before 48. till the end of the day/where have all the good times gone 49. dedicated follower of fashion/sittin on my sofa 50. sunny afternoon/im not like everybody else 51. dead end street/big black smoke 52. mister pleasant/this is where i belong 53. waterloo sunset/act nice and gentle 54. autumn almanac/mister pleasant 55. wonderboy/polly 56. days/shes got 57. rock n roll fantasy/live life 58. juke box music/life goes on 59. dont forget to dance/young conservatives 60. you really got me/attitude 61. going solo/summers gone 62. a gallon of gas/low budget 63. better things/yo yo 64. good day/too hot 65. dedicated follower of fashion/set me free 66. destroyer/come dancing 67. wonder where my baby is tonight/i need you 68. how are you 69. how do i get close/war is over 70. lost and found 71. rock n roll cities/sleazy town 71. guilty/do it again 72. rock n roll fantasy 73. sleepwalker 74. come dancing/noise 75. low budget/catch me now 76. lola/celluloid heroes 77. predictable/back to front 78. come dancing/noise 79. do it again/guilty 80. lost & found/killing time 81. the road/art lover 82. down all the days/you really got me 83. only a dream/somebody stole my car 10+ EXTENDED PLAYS AS SHOWN IN PICTURE * DENOTES A DEMO VERSION

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