Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ebay Rock 45's (8/19/11)

Ebay Rock 45's

Each Friday, I post a select group of 5 rock 45's that sold on Ebay recently along with the corresponding video - so you can judge for yourself if the buyer got a good deal.

The Nothing Scream N' Cry $2000.00

From the Auction :

Trixz Sly and the Nothing; rare 1979 45" single, in very good condition. Played very little. Cover art by Jon Rosen. Seller was friends with the band, and the drummer, Mickey Crash, was concurrently her drummer in the band Disturbed Furniture.

Teenage Head Picture My Face $402.00

From the Auction:

Here we have a 7" by '70s punkers TEENAGE HEAD, on Epic (E4-8273). This 7" is fairly rare and all, but the sleeve is where the rarity REALLY comes in: CBS wouldn't shell out for a picture sleeve, so the band printed approximately 100 pic sleeves for copies of the 7" sold at gigs. There is a different sleeve with a similar layout on German pressings of this record, but don't be fooled: THIS is the real deal! The vinyl is a lovely NM; the sleeve isn't in perfect shape (there's some shelf wear, plus some coffee-colored stains likely from the adhesive, or possibly some Guinness; speaking of the adhesive, it doesn't really work anymore)., but aside from the worn-out glue, I'd venture a strong VG, if not VG+.

Gene Vincent Dance To The Bop $355.12

From the Auction:

This OZ. issue of GENE VINCENT>>DANCE TO THE BOP- EP has covers that show some VERY light & careful usage both front & back

The Lewd Kill Yourself $185.43

From the Auction:

the Lewd
Trash Can Baby 2:10

Blondie Sunday Girl $19.99

From the Auction:

Very nice copy of this hard to find Swedish 7" single. Sunday girl b/w I know but I don't know

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