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Ebay Rock 45's (8/12/11)

Ebay Rock 45's

Each Friday, I post a select group of 5 rock 45's that sold on Ebay recently along with the corresponding video - so you can judge for yourself if the buyer got a good deal.

Chuck Berry Too Much Monkey Business $229.50

From the Auction:

CHUCK BERRY, "Head Over Heals", original pressing EP, 45rpm record on Chess EP-5118 .. Labels and vinyl are M-, cover is VG or better with a seam split on the top seam and aging discoloration on the back cover (it's not that bad) . This is a rare one and the vinyl appears unplayed...shinny and new. Songs include School Day, Wee Wee Hours, Too Much Monkey Business, and Brown Eyed Handsome Man.

Flesheaters Disintegration Nation $124.75

From the Auction:

Flesheaters self titled debut single.side one , disintegration nation & agony shorthand b/w radio dies screaming & twisted road on upsetter records.

Operation Ivy Hectic $124.50

From the Auction:


Like the other Lookout Records 7"s I had up here recently, this is one of the (likely four) original test pressing copies pressed of this 7", given to the Berkeley college radio station as a temporary advance promo before the real copies became available.

Local labels would sometimes give test pressings to local stations as advance promos once they were done "testing" them, and this was the one Lookout gave to KALX in Berkeley, back when I used to work there. When the official record was released, the station would discard the advance and replace it with the real copy. I used to rescue these from the trash from time to time.

The original copy at the station was in a plain paper sleeve with a photocopied piece of paper with a track listing and a little blurb/press release about the music of the islands taped to it, and the band name and record title written on it in (I believeI David Hayes's handwriting. The labels were similarly written-on, as you can see. Afterwards, Larry gave me a cover and all the artwork, including the stapled insert booklet.

As with the others, this is how I know for sure this was from those initial first test pressings and not some later test from any subsequent pressings of the same record. This was 1988, for sure,
the first time anyone ever heard this.
Like I say, I'm pretty sure this would have been one of four, as that was the usual number. I forgot I had these till I was clearing out a closet recently and came across them in a stack of other forgotten 7"s. So this is a unique item, and the rarest copy of this record you're likely to find anywhere.

Nuns Savage $108.50

From the Auction:

Here's a Near Mint/Mint copy of The Nuns' SAVAGE / DECADENT JEW/SUICIDE CHILD EP on 415 Records ). The picture sleeve and disc are both in beautiful condition and this looks unplayed. This band of course featured Jennifer Miro and Alejandro Escovedo. From the collection of a DJ and music writer.

Pretenders Cuban Slide $9.99

From the Auction:

From 1980 on Real records, Japan (SFL-2506.)
Sleeve is two sided 7"x7" page with Japanese/ English lyrics on other side.

Cuban Slide - 4:31
Stop Your Sobbing (Kinks cover) - 2:38

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