Thursday, October 14, 2021

Redox #284 - Stuck In the Middle

 Originally Published 9/27/15

The Schnoz, Beak, Snotlocker - hey, we all have one and tonight it's all about the nose with some Weezer, Stones and Inhalants - stankin' it up!

Here's the Playlist:

Ain't Nothin' To Do
Dead Boys
Young Loud and Snotty

The Bellrays
Have A Little Faith

Stuck In The Middle
The Replacements

The Replacements Stink
The A.G's
This Earth Sucks

Smells Like OK Soda
Dillinger Four
This Shit Is Genius

The Eyes
Suggested by Jeff (and finally played...)

I Smell A Rat
Big Mama Thornton
The Original Hound Dog

Nosey Joe
Bull Moose Jackson
Chicken Shack Boogie Volume 5
Suggested by noland

My Street Stinks
Punk Singles 1977-1980

Money Stinks
The Dirty Rotten EP

Stinkin Ned
Random Heroes
How I Spent My Twenties - A Retrospective

Hay Fever
The Kinks

My Many Smells
The Dead Milkmen

The Rabbits Nose
Shannon And The Clams
Dreams In The Rat House

She's Got His Nose Wide Open
Ike Terry & His Lyrics
45 Carat Gold: The Bee Records Story 

Dope Nose
Suggested by Boyd

Richard Pryor
Richard Pryor

Smell On You
Apa State Mental
Beach Music EP
Suggested By Kate

Call Of The Wighat
The Cramps
Smell Of Female

Royal Stink
Black Moses
Royal Stink

Think About You Everyday
Smell My Finger
Suggested by Darren

The Ex
Nosey Parker 
Joggers & Smoggers

Pick Yer Nose (And Eat It)
Peter And The Test Tube Babies
The Loud Blaring Punk Rock LP

Stink Eye
The Rotters
Wrench To The Nuts

Smell The Flowers
Jerry Reed
The Essential Jerry Reed

Button Nose
The A-Bones
The Life Of Riley

Blown Away Like a Fart In a Thunderstorm

What The Hell Did I Do
The New Trocaderos
Thrills & Chills

Point of Being Right
Shannon And The Clams
Gone by the Dawn

Anxious Times
Impo & The Tents
Anxious Times 7"

Yes I No
Andy Human & the Reptoids
Andy Human and the Reptoids

Katy Didn't
Barrence Whitfield & the Savages
Under the Savage Sky

the Gentlemens
Unburied Heavy Pills   EP

Rave On
Thou Shalt Not Have a Record Collection That Sucks

Touch Of The Shorts
Thou Shalt Not Have a Record Collection That Sucks

Senses Working Overtime
Virgin 7"

Nosey Parker
Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons
Columbia 7"

Love Stinks
The J. Geils Band
Capiol 7"

Smells Like Teen Spirit
Geffen 7"

All Right Hit It
The Inhalants
Estrus 7"

Honky Tonk Women
The Rolling Stones
London 7"

Background Music tonight:

Toes On The Nose     Eddie & The Showmen    Squad Car
The Smells Fishy Theme     Space Negros     Arf! Arf! 7"
Walk 'n The Nose     The Mystic Five     Hey, Stop Messing Around: USA Garage 45's Vol. 2
Bull's Nose     The Milkshakes     Talking 'Bout Milkshakes
Stinky     Stinky     Life on the Bottom

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