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Redox #268 - Left Of The Dial (Masonic Auditorium April 13, 2015)

 Originally Published 5/3/15

It's the 5th annual Jukebox Jamboree - with some Kinks, Generation X and the Mats, of course!

Here's the Playlist:

Jukebox Lean
New Bomb Turks
Scared Straight 
Juke Box Music
The Kinks
The Kinks At The BBC
Left Of The Dial
The Replacements
2015-04-13: Masonic Auditorium,San Francisco, CA (DMonkey)
Amber Jean
The Flakes
Back to School
Yeah Yeah
The Connection
Seven Nights To Rock

Juke Box Man
Mel Tillis
The Chronological Mel Tillis
Suggested by Greg of the Rock N Roll Manifesto
The Holy Jukebox
The Raymen
Rebel Years 1985-1987
A Pair Of Brown Eyes
The Pogues
Rum, Sodomy& the Lash
Punk Rock Girl
Streetlight Manifesto
99 Songs of Revolution: Volume I
There's A Song On The Jukebox
David Wills
Barrooms To Bedrooms
Suggested by Draz
If That Old Jukebox Could Talk
Jody Reynolds
Don't Tell Me (More Than I Wanna Know)
Jukebox Zeros
Four On The Floor

Ready Steady Go
Generation X
Generation X
Boppin' The Blues
Carl Perkins
Dance Album
Gene's On The Jukebox
Jean Vincent
Jeans On The Jukebox

Crazy Legs
Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps
Rock And Roll Legend
Mess Around
Ray Charles
Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 47-74
Hot Mamma
Brother Woodsmans Combo & the Chanters feat. Ethel Brown
Jukebox Jam! Vol. 2

Little Queenie
Chuck Berry
Chuck Berry Is On Top  
Shot Down In Flames
Highway To Hell
Suggested by Jake of Jake's Inferno
Noise, Noise, Noise
The Damned
Machine Gun Etiquette
Suggested by Darrfen

Oh Sheena
Jesse Malin
New York Before the War

Summer Cannibals
Show Us Your Mind
Bo Diddley's Dog
Bad Bad Dog!

Til the Jukebox Dies
Dwight Twilley
Don't Push That Button
Juke Joint Pimps
Juke Joint Pimps

Bad Boy
Mars Needs Women
Mars Needs Women

I Love Rock N' Roll
Joan Jett
Boardwalk 7"

Music, Music, Music
Teresa Brewer
Coral 7"

A -1 On The Juke Box
Dave Edmunds
UK Swan Song 7"

Wish You Were D.E.A.D.
American Heartbreak
Pelado 7"
Hot Love (Live)
T. Rex
UK Grey marble Vinyl Devil's Jukebox 7"

Love Shack
Suggested by Darren

Jukebox (Don't Put Another Dime)
The Flirts
O 7"
Suggested by El

The Jook

Rock And Roll Part 1
Gary Glitter
Bell 7"

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