Thursday, May 20, 2021

Redox #267 - 20th Century Boy

 Originally Published 4/19/15

Caveman Rock this week - Lotsa T. Rex, some Frantic Flintstones and a dash of Dinosaur Jr.

The Slider
T. Rex
The Slider

Get Outta My Cave
Young Fresh Fellows
The Men Who Loved Music

20th Century Boy
The Replacements
Let It Be '84 [Expanded & Remastered 2008]

Cretin Hop
Rocket To Russia

Ryan Dinosaur
Ryan Dinosaur - Demo

Cave Girl
Voodoo Savage And His Savages
Antipodean Screams, Vol. 2

Missing Link
The Hives
Tyrannosaurus Hives

Science Friction
Fossil Fuel: The Xtc Singles 

Ballad of the Caveman
Mystic Knights Of The Oingo Boingo
You Got Your Baby Back 7"

Pete Shelley

Caveman Skank
Lee Perry & The Upsetters
Suggested by Boyd

The Neanderthal Man
Bill Cosby
I Started Out As A Child

Cave Woman
Texas Terri
Eat Shit 
Suggested by Joe of The Best Table In Hell

Rock 'n' Roll Boys Rock 'n' Roll Girls
Stoneage Hearts
Guilty As Sin

Left In The Dark
Be A Caveman - The Best Of Voxx Garage Revival

Alley Oop
The Hollywood Argyles
American Graffiti, Vol. III

Tommy Roe
Monster Bop

I Was A Teenage Caveman
John Zacherley
Twist Collection

Danny Barnes
Pizza Box
Suggested by Jer of Jeremy Porter and the Tucos

Hipsville 29 B.C.
The Cramps
Look Mom No Head!

Living In The Ice Age
Suggested by Darren

I Was A Kamikaze Pilot
Hoodoo Gurus
Stoneage Romeos

Quantum Leap 
Tenacious D
Rise Of The Fenix

10 Million B.C.
Ghost Dance
Ghost Dance

Punk Rock Caveman
Living In A Prehistoric Age
Blag Dahlia
The Desert Sessions Volume V & VI
Suggested by Greg of the Rock N Roll Manifesto

Wild Cavewoman
Jack Rabbit Slim
From The Waist Down

Oh Baby Oh Yeah
Frantic Flintstones
A Nightmare on Nervous

Knockin' The Dust Off The Rust Belt Tonight
Pokey Lafarge
Something In The Water

Cave Man
Sonny Knight & The Lakers
I'm Still Here 
Inspired by Andy of Zero Hour

The Misanthrope
Local H
Hey, Killer

Need A Friend
Bongley Dead
Demo 3

Jimmy Castor Bunch
RCA 7"

Bedrock Rap
Bruce Springstone
Clean Cuts 7"

Betty Lou's Got A New Tattoo
The Neanderthals
Spinout 7"

Spirit Of Wildwood
Teenage Cavemen
White Vinyl Homo Hablis 7"

Ants Are Cavemen
Thin White Rope
Purple Swirl Vinyl Sub Pop 7"

Yer Son
Dinosaur Jr.
Fat Possum 7"

Get It On
T. Rex
UK Cube 7"

Background Music Tonight:

Caveman     Eddie Angel
Dinosaur     Link Wray
200 Lb. Werewolf     The Neaderthals
Frantic Flintstones    Frantic Flintstones

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