Monday, February 8, 2021

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #484 - Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out -Third Stone From The Sun


Straight into the Sun on this episode!!

Here's the Playlist:

Sunrise Eyes
Matthew Sweet
Sunshine Lies

Sunshine Rock
Bob Mould
Sunshine Rock

Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out - Third Stone From The Sun
The Replacements
Riot Fest Byers, Colorado 9-21-13

Sunshine Nights
Live Ones
Rule, OK? 
Thanks Capt!

Capri Sun
Mean Jeans
Jingles Collection

Sun God
The New Christs
Divine Rites
Suggested by Jake

What A Life
The Bangles
Sweetheart Of The Sun
Thanks Jake!

Sunny Somewhere
Juliana Hatfield

Staring at the Sun
Summer Cannibals
Can't Tell Me No

Laugh At Me
Mott The Hoople
Mott The Hoople
Suggested by Dave

Marijuana, The Devil's Flower
Mr. Sunshine
Jukebox In Crampsville - 60 Way Out Tunes At A Dime Apiece 

The Have Nots
Under The Big Black Sun 

Tennessee Zip
Brian Setzer
Rockabilly Riot Vol.1: A Tribute To Sun Records

Blowin' To California
Wynonie Harris
Mr Blues Is Coming To Town

Carl Perkins
Hep Cats Session

Louisiana Sun
Mama Rosin w/Hipbone Slim & The Kneetremblers
Louisiana Sun

You Are My Sunshine
Laurel Aitken
The Original Cool Jamaican Ska
Thanks to Boyd!

California Sun
White Lodge
White Lodge

Judy Staring At The Sun
Catherine Wheel
Happy Days

Ice In The Sun
Status Quo
Picturesque Matchstickable Messages From the Status Quo 
Suggested by John

My Sunshine
Ty Segall
Singles 2007-2010

We'll Talk About Sunshine
The New Generation
So Cold!!! (Unearthed Mid 60s Sacramento Garage)

Melting In The Sun
The Swing

Sundown Sundown
Nancy & Lee
Nancy & Lee

Kings Of The Sun
Full Frontal Attack

Take Me To Your Leader
Pavid Vermin
The Beach Boys Never Surfed

Mikey Erg
Mikey Erg

Leave Your Mark On What You Do 
Mad Dogs
We Are Ready To Testify

October Girls
Jeremy Porter And The Tucos
Candy Coated Cannonball

Crash Us Into The Sun
Andrew McGibbon
Northern Gothic 

Mouthful of Blood
Juliana Hatfield

All This Will Be a Park Someday
Sal Cannestra
Plenty of Music

Light Up The Fire
Cheap Trick
In Another World

Beyond The Risin' Sun
Marc Bolan
The Early Singles 1964-1968 Earmark 7"

That Lucky Old Sun
Ray Charles
ABC Paramount 7"

Rock and Roll Ruby
Warren Smith
Sun 7"

Distant Sun
Crowded House
Capitol 7"

Sunny Afternoon
The Kinks
Dutch SPH 7"

Holidays in the Sun
The Sex Pistols
UK Virgin 7"

Hot, Hot, Hot
Buster Poindexter
RCA 7"

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Background Music on the show:

Nut Sundae     Fabulous Tempoes
Surf Before Sunrise     The Mel-tones
A Place In The Sun     The Shadows
Red Sunrise     The Space Cossacks
Sunset Cruise    The Torquays
Solar Race     The Ventures

Clips on the Show:

Foster Grant Sunglass Commercial 1978
Duel In The Sun Trailer 
1972 Eclipse Of The Sun - Monty Python
Before Sunrise Trailer

Next week, we'll be  heading out to the Stars!

In 2 Weeks, the destination is Outer Space!

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