Monday, February 1, 2021

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #483 - No More The Moon Shines On Loreena

We are heading to the Moon on this episode!!

Here's the Playlist:

Fire on the Moon
The Bellrays
Grand Fury
Suggested by Jake of Jake's Inferno

Man on the Moon
Copper Blue

Bad Moon Rising
Proud Crass Fools
Soul Aslyum Twin Tone Box Set
Minneapolis Hardcore Documentary -

No More The Moon Shines On Loreena
The Replacements
The Shit Hit The Fans

Mr. Magic Moon
The Gleams
The Moon Project
Suggested by Dan

The Little Moon Men
Lee George
Desperate Youth Vol. 5

Beep Beep
Louis Prima
Trashcan Vol 5 - Hipsville - Rockin' Tracks From The 60's

Child Of The Moon
The Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones In Mono
Suggested by jer of Jeremy Porter and the Tucos

Moonage Daydream
David Bowie
Guardians Of The Galazy

The Moon Upstairs
Mott the Hoople
Brain Capers
Thanks Boyd!!!

Walla Walla (Washington)
Charlie & The Moonhearts
Charlie & The Moonhearts/Teen Anger Split
Suggested by Dave of Mottey's Garage

Rock On The Moon
The Cramps
Songs The Lord Taught Us

Black Holes in Stereo
King Tuff
Black Moon Spell

No Moon...
Pete Shelley
Heaven And The Sea 

Don't Moonlight On Me
The Flys
Waikiki Beach Refugees

Full Moon 
Turn My Head Around
The Methadones
21st Century Power Pop Riot

How High The Moon
The Polecats
Polecats Are Go 

I'm Building A ?? (On The Moon)
Weldon Rogers
From Boppin' Hillbilly To Red Hot Rockabilly-Hillbilly Fever 

The Marksmen
Hey, Stop Messing Around: USA Garage 45's Vol. 2

Tracey Dean
The Electric Asylum Vol. 5 - Rare British Freakrock

The Rising of the Moon
Theodore Bikel
The Original Hootenanny

Silver in the Sky [Feat. Jonathan Lloyd]
Gem and the Deadheads
Swagger and Soul
Thanks Kate!!!

Girls Named Erica
Jeremy Porter And The Tucos
Candy Coated Cannonball 

Coming Soon
Matthew Sweet

Barstool Blues
The Great American Novel
The Great American Novel Bandcamp Single

What Do You Know?
Brad Marino
Looking For Trouble

Beauty School Dropout
Kid Gulliver
Bandcamp Single

Come Alive
Bandcamp Single 

Moon Madness
Moon Madness

Straight to the Moon
Bloodshot Bill
Get Loose or Get Lost

Bar Code
Teenage Hearts
Want More!

Wild Child 
Slander Tongue
Slander Tongue

State Of Mind
Stiff Richards
State Of Mind 

The Chats
Bargain Bin 7"

Dance Of The Moon Festival (Choladas)
Yma Sumac ‎
Voice Of The Xtabay Capitol 7" Box Set

The Moon Is Not A Yellow Sow
Lather 7"

Vic Venus
Buddah 7"

Painted Moon
The Silencers
RCA 7"

There's A Moon In The Sky (Called The Moon)
Warner 7"

Midnight Oil
Columbia 7"

Watch The Moon Come Down
Graham Parker and the Rumour
UK Vertigo 7"

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Background Music on the show:

Moon Dawg     The Beach Boys
Moon Ride     Blue Echoes
Moondawg     The Challengers
Moon Relay     Husky & The Sandmen
Moon Child     The Ventures
Moonlit Cunt     The Tremelo Beer Gut
Voyage Around The Moon    The Saturn 5

Clips on the Show:

Minnesota Hardcore Trailer clip
Bobby and Betty Go To The Moon clip
Nude On The Moon Trailer
Bootlegger / Moonshiner's Woman Trailer
Invisible Invaders Trailer

Next week, we'll be burned by the Sun!

In 2 Weeks, we'll be  heading out to the Stars!

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