Sunday, August 2, 2020

Redox #237 - Till We're Nude

Originally Posted 8/3/14

BBQ - Grilling - Charcoal - Gas.  Covering the tasty stuff that results on the show this evening.

Here's the Playlist:

Ring Of Fire
Social Distortion
Social Distortion

Walter's Theme
Dead Letter Office [Import with Bonus Tracks]
Suggested by Tom T

Till We're Nude
The Replacements
All For Nothing/Nothing For All

Hot Dog
Buck Owens
Tattle Tale

Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad
Wanda Jackson
A Capitol Rockabilly, Pt. 1

Hot Dogs & Buffalo Wings
Jim Gaffigan

Hot Dog
Dale Hawkins
Ace Cafe: The Rock 'n' Roll Years

Meat Market
Meat Market

Anti-Hot Dog
Silver Abuse
Busted at Oz

Hotter Than Hell

Flames Go Higher
Eagles of Death Metal
Peace Love Death Metal

Spare Rib
The Odds
Powerpearls #5

Another Piece Of Meat
Suggested by Jer of Jeremy Porter And The Tucos

Fu Manchu
King Of The Road
Sugggested by Jake of Jake's Inferno

I Heard The Voice Of A Pork Chop
Jim Jackson
Broadcasting The Blues

Pork Chops
The Dorsets
The UK Sue Label Story

Treat Me Like A Dog
King Khan & The BBQ Show
What's For Dinner?

Up In Flames
History Of Portland Punk Vol. 1

Up In Flames
Flaming Sideburns
Save Rock 'n' Roll

Let's Have A Picnic
Mickey & Sylvia
The Grill Can't Help It

Shrimp And Gumbo
Dave Bartholomew
Twistin' Rumble!! 5 

Barbecue Lounge
Arbee Stidham
RCA Victor Jump N Jive

Crucial Bar-B-Q
Murphy's Law
Murphy's Law/Back with a Bong!
Suggested by Greg of The Rock N Roll Manifesto

Hot Dog
The Four Shells
The Complete Stax/Volt Singles: 1959-1968

Hot Dog
The Real Kids
Grown Up Wrong

No More Hot Dogs
Hasil Adkins
Dee Jay Jamboree - Chicken Walk

Don't Touch Me
Space Ghost
Musical Bar-B-Que

Beer & Bbq's
The Works
Best Served Rare
Suggested by Noland of the Tanked

Eyeball Kicks
Thanks Swen!

Pork Chop and a .22
The Meatmen
Savage Sagas

Back Burner
The Black Shades
The Black Shades / Army of Infants Split

Spare Ribs
The Arteries

I Need My Rock And Roll
Paul Collins
Feel The Noise
Thanks Tony!

Before It Burns
Radio Moscow
Magical Dirt

Purple Wizard
Show And Tell 7"

Burn On The Flame
Capitol 7"

Hot Your Cool
General Public
IRS 7"

You're Alright
Hot Lunch
Who Can You Trust 7"

Motor City Is Burning
Rhino 7"

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