Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Redox #156 - Jailbreak

Originally Published 10/21/12

Thin Lizzy - one of my favorite bands and the subject of this week's show - got some Rollins, Baker and Thunders lined up for ya.

Do Anything You Want Do 
Thin Lizzy
Black Rose

Are You Ready?
Rollins Band
Get Some, Go Again
Suggested by Greg Lonesome of the Rock N Roll Manifesto

The Replacements
The Shit Hits the Fans

Killer Without A Cause
Thin Lizzy
Bad Reputation
Suggested by Tom T

Hollywood (Down On Your Luck)
Kurt Baker
Want You Around EP
Suggested by Noland of The Tanked

We Are The Girls
Saigon Hookers 
Feels Like Murder EP
Suggested by Lee
Get the EP here ---> Itunes

Redwood Tree
Van Morrison
Saint Dominic's Preview
Suggested by Boyd

Fu Manchu 
Fu Manchu/ Fatso Jetson (Split 7'')
Suggested by Jake of Jake's Inferno

Daddy Rollin' Stone
Johnny Thunders
So Alone

The Rocker
Texas Terri Bomb
Your Lips... My Ass!

Cowboy Song
Live at the Roxy 
Suggested by Tim Pop of TimPopLive

I Got Mine
Another Perfect Day Deluxe Edition
Suggested by Tom


24 Bottles Of Fun
The Apers
You Are Only As Strong As The Table You Dance On
Critical Mass Blog - Top Ten Reasons Why Thin Lizzy are the Greatest Band Ever!
The Wine Curmudgeon on 14 Hands Hot to Trot Red Wine

Zane Merite
Sawyer's Hope
Get the album here ---> Mudlow.Co.UK

Never Let You Go
The Jim Jones Revue
The Savage Heart

Killer on the Loose
Thin Lizzy
UK Vertigo 7"

Shoot Shoot
Chrysalis 7"

One Thing On My Mind
Warner 7"

Sweet Black Angel
The Rolling Stones
Rolling Stones 7"

Dancing In The Moonlight
Thin Lizzy
Mercury 7"

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