Thursday, January 12, 2017

Redox #58 Live - Mighty Idy

Originally posted 10/12/10

A tale of new record stores, Social Networks and Ugly Things On The Radio.

Recorded Live on 10/10/10

Here's the Playlist:

Line Up EP

Get Lost
The Real Mckenzies
Shine Not Burn

Polka Never Dies
The Dreadnoughts
Polka's Not Dead

Crawling Back To Me
Tell-Tale Hearts
Tell-Tale Hearts

The Standells
The Best Of The Standells

Cardiac Kidz
Get out!/1978-1981
Phono-Select - New record store in Midtown Sacramento

Mighty Idy

Bleed Forever
Super Furry Animals
Phantom Power

California Uber Alles
Dead Kennedys
1234: Punk And New Wave 1976 > 1979
The Social Network

Love And War
God, Guts, Guns E.P. 7"

Turn Off Your Radio
The Essentials
Fast Music In A Slow Town E.P. 7"
Ebay Rock 45's 10/8/10

Teen Idles
Minor Disturbance EP

Rat Up A Drainpipe
The Members
The Moonlight Tapes

Revolution Dub (Rude Boy Rock Edit)
The Clash
Last Gang In Town - Rarities 1976-1984
Punk Not Profit Blog

Jailhouse Rock
Dean Carter
Ear Piercing Punk
Ebay Rock 45's 10/8/10

They Saved Hitler's Brain
Unnatural Axe
They Saved Hitler's Brain 7''

I Can Only Give You Everything
The Big Bang! Best Of The MC5
Ebay Rock 45's 10/8/10

Tight Rope
Short Dress

(Lookin' For A) Cave Girl
Chain and the Gang
Down With Liberty... Up With Chains!

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