Monday, August 15, 2016

Redox #31 - Buck Hill

Originally Posted 5-23-10

Summer is coming and I've got a batch of Surf and Hot Rod music to get you in the mood. So, drag the A-Bone out of the garage, lash the Surfboard across the rumbleseat, shift the Shillelagh into overdrive and don't forget to bring along Red Red Wine On A Sunday #31!

Here's the Playlist:

King Of The Surf Guitar
Dick Dale
King Of The Surf Guitar: The Best Of Dick Dale And His Del-Tones

Agent Orange
Living In Darkness
Suggested by Max Pfieiffer

Summer Fun
The Barracudas
Drop Out
Suggested by El from Cassettes and Chocolate Milk
Terrazas Malbec

Buck Hill
The Replacements

Go Lil' Camaro Go
Halfway To Sanity
2010 Joey Ramone's Birthday bash in Crawdaddy

Cecilia Ann

Hot Rod Rally
The Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World

Charlie Don't Surf
Pollo Del Mar
Charlie Does Surf on Rickshaw Records

Hot Rod Lincoln
Jane Bond & The Undercovermen
Politically Correct
Suggested by Dirk from Sexy Loser

Los Straitjackets
The Velvet Touch of Los Straitjackets
Sent by Queen Hate from Psycho Palace

Hot Rod Queen
Deke Dickerson & The Ecco-Fonies
Number One hit Record
Suggested by Luna from the Real Punk Radio chat

Your Gonna Die
Switchblade Justice
Unreleased Demo
Sent by the one and only TimPop Live

Eddie & The Showmen
Liberty 7"
Squad Car LP

I Gotta New Car
Big Boy Groves
Spark 7"
Rythym and Blues: Original Masters LP

Let's Go Trippin'
Dick Dale
DelTone 7"
King Of The Surf Guitar: The Best Of Dick Dale And His Del-Tones

The Trashmen
Garrett 7"
Tube City: The Best Of The Trashmen
Reverb Central (Phil Dirt)
Double Crown Records (Continental Magazine)

Three Carburetors
Don Carson & The Whirlaways
Crest 7"
Chrome, Smoke And Fire Compilation

Drag Racing
Big Stick
Blast First 7"
Devil's Jukebox
Records Vinyl Store

Whittier Blvd.
Thee Midniters
Whittier 7"
In The Midnite Hour LP

Race With the Devil
Gene Vincent
Capitol 7"
Blue Jean Bop LP

Wailer's House Party
Satan's Pilgrims
Empty 7"

When You Find Out
The Plimsouls
Planet 7"
Plimsouls Plus LP

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