Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ruhstaller 1881 Red Ale

A lovely Sunny Afternoon out here on the left coast.  Listening to some Kinks and sorting through the 7"ers for some Chiswick singles.  Cracked open a bottle of Ruhstaller 1881 California Red Ale to help with the selection.  Hmm - nice amber ale with a thick head and beautiful red color.  Spice and Caramel lead the way with a nice dry finish.  This is truly a "local" beer, using only hops and malt grown in Northern California - interesting concept and it's going well with the Brothers Davies.

Wow - the Kinks Schoolboys in Disgrace is an underrated treasure and Face to Face is a bonafide Classic - might have to rename the blog Red Red Wine On A Sunny Sunday Afternoon.

Here's Ruhstaller's website ----->  Ruhstaller Brewery

Some history of the original Ruhstaller Brewery ------>  Point of Brew: Ruhstaller Beer returns to region


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