Monday, September 19, 2011

2008 MAN Vintners Pinotage

Picked up this Pinotage over at my local World Market for $6.99. I guess ya get what you pay for. Not the best wine that I have ever tasted, but the first Pinotage. Don't worry, I'll try another Pinotage as I need to find out more about the South American grape. It looks like the 2009 vintage is available also, so maybe that one is a bit fresher.

Here's some propganda about the wine and Pinotage in general:

Played a bunch of Pinball in the gameroom this last weekend - getting my flipper fingers ready for the:

Over 400 games set on freeplay, good friends, seminars and tournaments - all packed into the Marin Civic center this coming weekend - I can't wait!

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