Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #536 - Tears Rolling Up Our Sleeves


Extra long episode to wrap your Arms around

Here's the Playlist:

The Slowest Drink at the Saddest Bar on the Snowiest Day in the Greatest City
The Lawrence Arms
Buttsweat And Tears

Hands Off... She's Mine
The English Beat
I Just Can't Stop It

Shake Hands With Mr. Happy
Robin Williams
Throbbing Python Of Love 

Right To Arm Bears
Paul Westerberg
Open Season

Joe Ely
Honky Tonk Masquerade
Suggested by Boyd

Crazy Arms
Chris Isaak
Beyond The Sun

Even A Dog Can Shake Hands
Warren Zevon
Sentimental Hygiene

Comfort At Any Cost
Arms Aloft
Comfort At Any Cost
Thanks Marc!

Idle Hands
Murder City Devils
In Name And Blood

Fists Buried In Pockets
The Riot Before
Fists Buried In Pockets

I Shook His Hand
Peter Case
Peter Case

Chemistry Class
Elvis Costello & The Attractions
Armed Forces

Middle Finger
Dropkick Murphys
Turn Up That Dial

Raise Your Hands
The Mahones
Here Comes Lucky
Thanks Jake!

Short-Fingered Man
Juliana Hatfield

The Beast with Five Hands
Groovie Ghoulies
Born in the Basement

Under My Thumb
The Rolling Stones
Hot Rocks

Stiff Little Fingers
The Vibrators
Pure Mania

Hands Off
Apa State Mental
Apa Valley

These Arms
Dwight Yoakam
A Long Way Home
Kudos to Jer

Cast Iron Arm
Peanuts Wilson
Rare Rockabilly

You Can't Put Your Arms Round A Memory
Johnny Thunders
So Alone

Ruby's Arms
Tom Waits
Heartattack and Vine

Three Button Hand Me Down
First Step

These Arms of Mine
Otis Redding
Otis Redding Live In Europe
Suggested by Mike D

Tears Rolling Up Our Sleeves
Paul Westerberg
Suicaine Gratification
Thanks Mike M

Wait And See
Stiff Little Fingers
Nobody´s Heroes

Suggested by Dave

One Finger Salute \
Finnegan's Hell
One Finger Salute

Evil Daltons
Psycho Dad

Wired Over You
The Circulators
The Circulators

Hand in the Grave
The Builders and the Butchers
Hell & High Water

Love song
The Girls
Tea Party
Thanks Kate

Super Hero Shit
Time to Burn

Time to Burn
Poster Paints
Blood Orange EP

We're Coming Back
Titus Andronicus
The Will to Live

Street Sermon
Daddy Long Legs
Street Sermons

Arms Aloft
Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros
Hellcat 7"

Back In Baby's Arms
Patsy Cline
Decca 7"

Guardian Angel
Tim Timebomb
Hellcat 7"

Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand
The Who 
Mercury 7"

Whale Finger
Nemesis 7"

Flick Of The Wrist
German EMI 7"

Present Arms
French DEP IInternational 7"

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Clip on the Show tonight:

Clammy Hands     Ferris Beuhler's Day Off
Hands-Free Telephone Headsets     George Carlin

Background Music on the Show tonight:

Agent Orange - Bite The Hand That Feeds
Billy Strange - Goldfinger

Flat Duo Jets - Man With The Golden Arm
Judge Dread - One Armed Bandit

Next Week,  the subject is Legs.

In 2 week,  the subject is Face.

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