Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Redox #304 - Take Me Down To The Hospital

 Originally Published 3/13/16

Getting Down Low tonight with some Daddy Long Legs, Bob Mould and the Stones.

Here's the Playlist:

Down Low
Jonny Polonski
Hi My Name Is Jonny

Stop Drop and Roll
Stick It

Take Me Down to the Hospital
The Replacements

Looks Like Up
Rock City Angels
Midnight Confessions Lost recordings 1989 to 1992
Suggested by Kate

I Don't Let The Little Things Get Me Down
Young Fresh Fellows
The Men Who Loved Music

Inside Out and Upside Down (With You)
The Cramps

I'm Not Down
The Clash
London Calling 

Crashing Down 
Soul Aslyum
While You Were Out

Get Low
The Cheap Cassettes
All Anxious, All The Time

Kerosene Hat

Crash Street Kids
Mott The Hoople
The Hoople

Everybody Went Low
John Hiatt
The Tiki Bar Is Open
Suggested by Boyd

Don't Let It Break You Down
Graham Parker
Mona Lisa's Sister

Bottle Let Me Down
Merle Haggard
Strangers/Swinging Doors
Suggested by Jer of jeremy porter and the Tucos

Run Me Down
The Black Keys
The Big Come Up

So Low
Jack Oblivian
So Low

Up And Down
The Cars

Breaking Glass
David Bowie

Crawl Up And Die
Stray Cats
Stray Cats

So Low
All Roads Lead To Ausfahrt
Suggested by Darren

Rebecca's Empire
Way Of All Things

Low Lives In Hi Definition
Electric Blood

Woodie Guthrie
Slow Faction
This Machine Kills Fascists

When The Fire Was Burning Brighter
The Pollutions
Itunes Single
Thanks Roffe!

The Stranger Rides Tonight
Daddy Long Legs

Bottled Regrets
Jeremy Porter & The Tucos
Above the Sweet Tea Line

I Can't Win
The Two Tens

Hard Luck Kid
Beach Slang
The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us

Maybe Tomorrow
Vista Blue
The Loblaws/Vista Blue | split
Thanks Mike!

Need The Guys
The I Don't Cares
Wild Stab

The End of Things
Bob Mould
Patch the Sky

Down The Line
Jerry Lee Lewis
UK Bulldog 7"

Stand Down Margaret
The Beat
Two Tone 7"

The Guess Who
RCA 7"

You Tore Me Down
The Flamin' Groovies
Bomp 7"

13 Steps Lead Down
Elvis Costello
Warner Brothers 7"

Don't Put Me Down 
Kwyet Kings
Get Hip 7"

All Down The Line
The Rolling Stones
Rolling Stones Records 7"

Clips this week:

Falling Down
Michael Douglas "gives" his briefcase to a gang

Leaving Las Vegas
Nicholas Cage gets served

Choose Life!

Silver Linings Playbook
Jennifer Lawrence tells Bradley Cooper to shut the F**K Up....

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