Sunday, March 22, 2020

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #451 - Merry Go Round

Festivals are celebrated tonight!

Here's the Playlist:

American Music
The Blasters
The Blasters

All Down The Line
The Rolling Stones
Exile On Main Street

Merry Go Round
The Replacements
All Shook Down

Festival Song
Jeff Rosenstock
Thanks, Sorry!
Kudos to Boyd

My Best Friend's Girl
The Cars
The Cars

The Metro
Pleasure Victim

Creole De Lake Charles
Queen Ida And The Bon Temps Band
Queen Ida And The Bon Temps Band Play The Zydeco

Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee O'Dee
Jerry Lee Lewis
Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee O'Dee

When The Time Comes
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
You're Gonna Get It!

Moral Kiosk

Rumble In Brighton
The Stray Cats
The Stray Cats

Toe Cutter
Thee Oh Sees
Floating Coffin
Cheers John!

Listed M.I.A.
And Out Come The Wolves

Group Sex
Circle Jerks
Group Sex
Here's to Darren!!

Love Is Superficial
Starsha Lee
Love Is Superficial
Contributed by Kate

City Lights
Sure Thing

Roll Down Your Plaid
The Evergreen Standard
Who Are These Punks?

The Clap
The Chats
The Clap Single

No Fun On The Beaches
Stiff Richards

Let It Ride
Beach Slang
The Deadbeat Bang Of Heartbreak City

How 'Bout Now
The James Hunter Six
Nick of Time

Don't Be the Sucker
Nikki Hill
Feline Roots

Coloring Book
The Regrettes
How Do You Love?

Mood Ring
Wassup Rocker Radio Presents: Sick Sounds 2

Wassup Rocker Radio Presents: Sick Sounds 2

Hammered Satin
Wassup Rocker Radio Presents: Sick Sounds 2

Cupid's Not A Friend Of Mine
Muck and the Mires
Digital Single

The Brietbart Boys
Slow Faction
Unilateral Declaration Of Independence

I Wanna Be a Huntington
Vista Blue
Rock Acrostics

Whammer Jammer
J. Geils Band
Atlantic 7"

Sunset Arcade
Blue Vinyl Merge 7"

Real Cool Time
The Stooges
Elektra 7"

Paying The Cost To Be The Boss
B. B. King
Bluesway 7"

On A Rope
Rocket From The Crypt
Brand New Bag Records 7"

Mustache Man
Showroom of Compassion Box Set Yellow Upbeat Records 7"

The Pogues
UK Pogue Mahone Records 7"

Subpop 7"

Instrumental Break Music:

Los Straitjackets - 3 Yeproc singles from the Jet Set LP
Space Mosquito / Bobsleddin'
New Siberia / Low Tide
Mr. Pink / Pop Rocks And Coke

Clips on the Show:

Cars interview

1983 Mountain Aire advertisement

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