Sunday, March 11, 2018

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #379 - Any Better Than This

It's the tenth Wine Show - dedicated to the Nectar of the Gods!

Here's the Playlist:

The Cramps
Songs The Lord Taught Us

Back To Marseilles
Dirty Looks
Five Easy Pieces

Any Better Than This
Paul Westerberg
Open Season

Drinkin' Wine
Larry Dale
Lady Luck Volume 6

Bottled In Cork
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
The Brutalist Bricks

I'm The Man You Won't Meet Every Day
The Pogues
Rum Sodomy & The Lash

Homemade Wine
The Ozark Mountain DareDevils
Time Warp The Very Best Of
Suggested by Jer

Unis par le vin
Komintern Sect
Chaos En France Volume 1
Suggested by Darren

Head Happy With Wine
Sticks McGhee
Highway Of Blues

One Bed, Two Girls, Three Bottles of Wine 
Bobby Bare Jr.
Bloodshot Record Sampler 16
Suggested by Boyd

Tuff Stuff
Johnnie Silvers
Live It Up

Sweet Cherry Wine
Tommy James & The Shondells
The Best Of Tommy James & The Shondells

HooDoo Gurus
In Blue Cave

Hal Paige
Jook Block Busters Volume I
Suggested by Greg Lonesome

Where's The Law
Dee Dee Gaudet
Rock 'n' Roll Girls 8

Surfer Rosa

Jesus Was A Wino
Lydia Loveless
Indestructible Machine
Suggested by Colenna

Bullet Proof Poet (For Charles Bukowski)
The Dogs D'Amour
Graveyard of Empty Bottles 
Suggested by Kate

Water Into Wine
The Carburetors
Laughing Inthe Face of Death

Intro / Don't Wanna Know
The Hangovers
Take As Needed

Tell Me Why
Beach Closed

Record Store
Butch Walker
Stay Gold

Champagne & Diamonds
Friday Night Heroes
Take it all wrong
The Roomsounds
Elm St.

Wine Lips
The Shakes
Wine Lips EP

Cheap Whine
Cheap Whine

Bottle Of Wine
Phylum Phyloid

Walk of Shame
Jeremy Porter & The Tucos
Don't Worry, It's Not Contagious

Slowly Losing My Mind
Barrence Whitfield & The Savages
Soul Flowers of Titan

Archangel's Thunderbird
The Breeders
All Nerve

Fine Wine
Discos MMM 7"

Hey Brother, Pour The Wine
Dean Martin
Capitol 7"

Cherry Berry Wine
Charley Mccoy
Cadence 7"

Comic Relief Track 1
Steven Wright
Rhino 7"

Take Me I'm Yours (Live)
A&M 7"

The Kinks
Reprise 7"

Kansas City
Wilbert Harrison
Fury 7"

Spill The Wine
The Isley Brothers
TNeck 7"

Clips on the Show:

Wonderful WINO - George Carlin 
Kingmen clip
The Newscast - George Carlin
Thunderbird ad - James Mason
Bolla Valpolicella add
Roman Wine - Monty Python

Instrumental Break Music:

Wine Cooler     Ventures
Wet Bobette and Cigarette     She's Horny On Wine
Lucky Joe's Wine     Hussy Hicks
Hangover     The Fabulous Flee-Reckers

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Next Week,
it's all Cover Songs.
In 2 weeks favorite songs are the subject and the genres are Punk, Glam, Power Pop and Celtic!

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