Sunday, February 11, 2018

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #376 - Can I Use Your Hairspray

Tonight we celebrate all things movies with some Suede, Clash and Bowie, amongst others...

Here's the Playlist:

Just Like In The Movies
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
Up Your Alley

In the City
Joe Walsh
The Warriors: Music from the Motion Picture
Suggested by Jer

Strange Movies
The Troggs
Archeology (1966-1976)

Silent Film Star
Paul Westerberg

From the Back of the Film
Thrush Hermit
Clayton Park

Movie Magg
Carl Perkins
Sam Phillips: The Man Who Invented Rock 'n' Roll

Apa State Mental
The Reunited Heavy Metal States of Apa State Mental

Popcorn & Candy Bars
Kent Westberry
Nau Voo Rock And Roll

These Are The Quotes From Our Favorite 80's Movies
Bouncing Souls
The Good, The Bad, And The Argyle

Cars On Film
The Hentchmen
Form Follows Function

Film d'horreur
Stereo Total
Juke-Box Alarm

Stevie Tombstone
Second Hand Sin
Suggested by Greg

Cracked Actor
David Bowie
Aladdin Sane

Coming Up
Suggested by El

B Movie
Costello, Elvis & The Attractions
Get Happy!!

Lust In The Movies
The Long Blondes
Someone To Drive You Home

The Right Profile
The Clash
London Calling
Suggested by Boyd

At The Movies
Bad Brains
Omega sessions
Suggested by Darren

Film Noir Love
Jukebox Zeros
Four On The Floor

Teenage Filmstar
Busy Singles
Suggested by Noland

Monster Movie
Thundering Asteroids!
The Nerd Punk Guide to the Galaxy

The Beaches
Late Show

Natural Born Chillers
The Bennies
Natural Born Chillers

Whatever It Takes
The James Hunter Six
Whatever It Takes

Can I Use Your Hairspray
Deth Caps
January 2018: The Replacements
PRF Tributes Series 43

You're My Overdrive
The Electric Mess
The Beast Is You

Curling All Around the USA
Vista Blue
The Zambonis & Vista Blue Olympic Curling Split

Shoot You Up
Ty Segall
Freedom's Goblin

I'm Bleedin'
Faz Waltz
Julie Single

Something Wild
No Echo

Sad Movies (make me cry)
Sue Thompson
Hickory 7"

Best Feel Good Movie
The Meanies
Get Hip 7"

Saturday Night at the Movies
The Drifters
Atlantic 7"

Moving Pictures
The Kinks
Arista 7"

Clips on the Show:

Warriors clips
Newcast  George Carlin
Back to the Future clip
Clockwork Orange ad
Willie Wonka clip
So I Married an Axw Murderer clip
A Bunch Of Muppets  Clerk Soundtrack

Instrumental Break Music:

Italian Movie Theme  Man or Astroman
Dueling Banjoes    Erci Weisberg
Blisters James Hunter Six
Kiss Of The Spiderwoman theme    John Neschling / Nando Carneiro

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