Sunday, September 25, 2016

Redox #38 - Pool And Dive

Originally Posted 7/11/10

"Water all around" - yes, this episode is all about the Pool, the Beach and all things do to with the refreshing satisfaction of a dip in the water.

Here's the Playlist:

Pool & Dive
Don't You Know Who I Think I Was

Pool Party
The Aquabats
Myths, Legends, and Other Amazing Adventures of The Aquabats!, Vol. 2

Do The Swim
The Zeros
Right Now
Emerald Bay

King of the Beach
King of the Beach

Pool Party
Summer Vacation

Draining The Pool For You
Right Here - A Go-Betweens Tribute
Striped Sunlight Blog

The Guitar Shaped Swimming Pool
The Hitsville House Band
12 O'Clock Stereo
Napa Cellars Zinfandel

Bongo Party
Davie Allan & the Arrows
Devils' Rumble: The Davie Allan & the Arrows Anthology
Suggested by Jason R.

No Pool Party Tonite
The Huntingtons
Get Lost
How To Make A Big Splash At The Pool Video

Drinking By The Pool
Everybody Does It

Pool Hoppin'
The Swingin' Neckbreakers
Kick Your Ass

Like Swimming
Like Swimming
Suggested by Jake from the band APA State Mental and Jake's Inferno

Dead in the Water
The Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World

The Frogmen
Candix 7"
Cowabunga! Box Set

The Tweeds
Underwater girl
AutoBahn 7"
Bubblegum the Punk

Surfer's Memories
Felsted 7"

What Does A Lifeguard Do In The Fall?
June August
Groovie 7"

Swimming Ground
Meat Puppets
SST 7"

Do The Swim
Sky Saxon & The Electra Fires
Joie 7"

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