Sunday, February 28, 2016

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #302 - Whole Lotta Nuthin'

I Love Rock -n- Roll, so put another dime in the Jukebox, baby.  The sixth annual Juke show is tonight.

Here's the playlist:

I Love Rock N' Roll
Joan Jett
I Love Rock N' Roll
Some Like It Hot
Flying Saucers
Some Like It Hot
Gone Ridin' / Rumble In Brighton
Juke Box Racket
Covers Attack EP
Stood Up!
The Figgs
Low-Fi at Society High
Boogie 'Til You Puke
Root Boy Slim
Root Boy Slim & the Sex Change Band
Suggested by Wayne

Jukebox Junky
Jerry Lee Lewis
Killer Country

The Meanest Jukebox In Town
Alvin Youngblood Hart
Motivational Speaker

You Dont Always Want What You Get
The Peacocks
After All

Bad Boy
The Mummies & Supercharger - Tour '93

Juke Box Padlock
The Hard Feelings
Fought Back And Lost
Born Too Late
The Poni Tails
ABC 7"
Suggested by El

The Chantels
Put a Nickel in the Jukebox
Dangerous Doo Wop Volume 3
Sugggested by Greg of the Rock N Roll Manifesto
She's Got It
Little Richard
The Memphis Jukebox, Vol. 1
Next Big Thing
Material Issue
Destination Universe

The Popes
Holloway Boulevard
Suggested by Jer of Jeremy Porter and the Tucos

Bristol Stomp
The Dovells

Honey Hush
Johnny Burnette & The Rock 'n Roll Trio
The Complete Coral Rock 'n Roll Trio Recordings
Suggested by Boyd
Jumps, Giggles And Shouts
Gene Vincent
His 30 Original Hits

Beautiful Things
The Lawrence Arms
Metropole (Deluxe Edition)

Wake Up and Make Love with Me
Ian Dury
Jukebox Dury
Suggested by Darren
Drunk on sunday

Get off my back

Burlesque Show
Astro Zombies
Frogs Legs

All I Want Is You
Le Zets
Mad Mary Lou
Letter to Louise EP

Obituary Writer Blues
Preacher Boy
The National Blues
Full Of It
Summer Cannibals
Full of It
Up All Night
The Kicks Ain't Alright
The Man With The X Shaped Scar On His Cheek
The Bonnevilles
Arrow Pierce My Heart

Whole Lotta Nothin'
The I Don't Cares
Wild Stab
Let The Jukebox Take Me
The Connection
Labor Of Love

(Baby) Hold On
The James Hunter Six
Hold On!

California Man
Cheap Trick
Epic 7"

Bish Bash Bosh
RCA 7"
Polyester Thinking Cap
New Bomb Turks
Empty 7"

Master's Apprentice
Astor 7"

IRS 7"

Punk Rock Girl
The Dead Milkmen
Enigma 7"

Let The Jukebox Keep On Playing
Carl Perkins
Sun 7"

Movie Clips this week:

Rock Hudson falls into the Juke during the fight and it starts wailing

The Girl Can't Help It
Classic jukes all over!

Loving You 
Elvis sings along to a Seeburg Model B in a diner to appease his fans

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