Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ebay Rock 45's (6/17/11)

Ebay Rock 45's

Each Friday, I post a select group of 5 rock 45's that sold on Ebay recently along with the corresponding video - so you can judge for yourself if the buyer got a good deal.

Myron Lee and the Caddies Homicide $326.00

From the Auction: Hep 2146 "homicide" b/w "aw c'mon baby" great frantic 2 sider-a must!!

Adam West Miranda $314.55

From the Auction: This record is the very rare, very weird, very campy and fun classic Adam West “Miranda” 45 complete with picture sleeve!

The Fanatics I Will Not Be Lonely $280.99

From the Action: Gina Records #RT-1118-MONSTER late 1965 Houston TEXAS Garage-Punk. In essence, this is NEIL FORD AND THE FANATICS before Neil decided to take the reign (their first 45). Most of you know the KILLER A-side from assorted TEXAS comps; TEXAS FLASHBACKS et al…if not, really Killer-KINKS-Krunch garage-punk-sort of ‘You Really Got Me’ crossed with ‘All Day And All Of The Night’ and the STRANGELOVES ‘Night Time’-tons of reverb on the guitar-a Vox Continental in the mix, great Kinks-ish vocals with a KILLER KRUNCH lead guitar break…B-side is more on the lines of Buddy Holly, Del Shannon (‘Runaway’ type vocals occasionally) and the Bobby Fuller 4…has a cool somewhat trashy lead break as well…

Ventures Wild Thing $272.89

From the Auction: Great, Rare Surf Rock 'n' Roll from Dolton in a Picture Sleeve! The Ventures do the song Wild Thing. It came out in 1966 and is a rare Ventures song with vocals. The other side is the instrumental song, Penetration. It is a U.S. release on Dolton Records 325.

Ramones Glad To See You Go $246.99

From the Auction: Rare ITALY 7" EP with picture sleeve of RAMONES - GLAD TO SEE YOU/BABY SITTER (side B: Medley: CALIFORNIA SUN/ I DON'T WANT WALK AROUND WITH YOU).

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