Sunday, February 6, 2011

2008 Berryessa Gap Zinfandel

Back to an old reliable this week, a 2008 Berryessa Gap Zinfandel. Raisany goodness in every mouthful! OK Raisany is not a word.... I know..... But how else to describe the fruit in this one?

Here's the website if ya want to get this slice of jammy goodness yourself ----> Berryessa Gap

The website calls Zinfandel "the King of California wine varieties" .... hmmm - not so sure of that, but I love 'em.

The vinyl in the photo? Well, I received a special package the other day with a couple of CD's and a nice clear vinyl 7"! Thanks John - ya made my day.

Just finished up some sausage stuffed mushrooms and I'll be on my way over to my friend's house to watch the Big Game. My score prediction? Empty Wine Bottles - 7 Mushroom Leftovers - 0.

Oh, below are some shots my daughter took of the cars in the Towe Ford Museum that we visited yesterday during Sacramento's Free Museum Day.

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