Sunday, October 2, 2011

Spaten Oktoberfestbier Ur-Marzen

It is Oktober, so it's time for some Oktoberfest beers. Yes - no wine this evening, as the Football is on and I'm in the mood for some suds. I have to say that this one is a bit disappointing. First off - a Green Bottle? Come on Spaten - you can do better than that. I wish I would have noticed this before I bought the 6-pack. A bit skunky due to the lack of UV protection, but still more that drinkable. Secondly - a bit of a run of the mill Oktoberfest - try some others would be my recommendation. Regardless - It should go well with the burgers and bratz on the grill this evening. Hey the Monty Python 45's are on the Juke and I'm in a good mood.

From the I Like Chinese 7"

"The world today seems absolutely crackers,
With nuclear bombs to blow us all sky high.
There's fools and idiots sitting on the trigger.
It's depressing and it's senseless, and that's why...
I like Chinese.
I like Chinese.
They only come up to your knees,
Yet they're always friendly, and they're ready to please."

That Eric Idle - ever the politically correct fellow....

Here's a favorable review that I found - Hunter's Beers! (I am all for fair and balanced blogging - Hunter must have got some fresher bottles that I did......)


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