Sunday, September 25, 2016

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #325 - Junior's Got A Gun

Holy Nuns of Brixton - its the Gun episode!

Here's the Playlist:

Blues From A Gun
The Jesus & Mary Chain

Gun Groove

Guns at My School
Hüsker Dü
Land Speed Record

Junior's Got A Gun
The Replacements
Hootenanny '83 (Expanded & Remastered)

The Guns of Brixton
The Clash
London Calling

Gun Enthusiasts
George Carlin
Complaints and Grievances

There Goes My Gun

Mary Beats Jane
Mary Beats Jane
Suggested by Jake of Jake;s Inferno

My Rifle, My Pony And Me
Rick Nelson & Dean Martin
My Rifle, My Pony And Me

Kiss the Gun
The Soup Dragons

Lonesome Kings
Shotgun Full Of Blues

She Kissed the Gun
The DeRellas
Killing the Record Industry Vol. V

Shock Me
Love Gun

Killing Time
The Strychnine Babies
New Religion - EP
Suggested by Kate

Put Down The Gun
Peter Case
The Man With The Blue Post Modern Fragmented Neo-Traditionalist Guitar

Bible and a gun
Jason Ringenberg
All Over Creation
Suggested by Jer

Squirt Gun
The Bloody Mess
Early Period

Shotgun Wedding
Gore Gore Girls
Up All Night

Get Myself a Gun
The Bonnevilles
Folk Art & The Death Of Electric Jesus

Radar Gun
The Bottle Rockets
The Brooklyn Side
Suggested by Boyd

Don't Take Your Guns To Town
Johnny Cash
The Essential Johnny Cash

Six Gun Senorita
The Soda Pop Kids
Teen Bop Dream

Shonen Knife
Osaka Ramones
Suggested by Noland of the Tanked

Go Get The Shotgun Grandpa
Ann Castle
Rock 'n' Roll Girls 2

I Got A Gun
On The Ropes

Arm of Obregon
El Vez
G.I. Ay, Ay! Blues

Dead Man's Gun
Thee Oh Sees
A Weird Exits

Government Funded Terror Lunch
Race Car
Build Your Own Go-Kart

That's When the Trouble Starts
Ian Hunter
Fingers Crossed

Daylight In Your Eyes
The Baseballs
Hit Me Baby...

Beach Slang
A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings

Desolate Town
Welcome The Worms

Wake the Riot
Black Pistol Fire
Don't Wake the Riot

Government Birdcage
Negative Growth

Pretty Vacant
Sex Pistols
UK Virgin 7"

Coward With A Gun
Marky Ramone
UK Blackout Records Yellow Vinyl 7"

Shotgun Slim
Dyke & The Blazers
Original Sound 7"

Zip Gun Boogie
T. Rex

Gigolo Aunts
Fire Records ‎7"

Gun 'N A Bullet
Bag Of Hammers 7"

The Kursaals

Movie Clips on the show - classic shootouts:

Grosse Point Blank
The Magnificent Seven (Original with Yul Brynner!)
Taxi Driver
The Wild Bunch

Background Music on the show:

Peter Gunn Theme      Ray Anthony 7"
Peter Gunn                  Art of Noise 7"
Fuzz Gunn 2001         Mudhoney Gearhead 7"
Peter Gunn Twist        The Jesters

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Next time on the show, 
the subject be the Yes show - not the band but the Affirmative!

In 2 weeks, I'll be celebrating Seven years of the show, so that's the subject.

If you have any songs to contribute, please e-mail me at:

Redox #38 - Pool And Dive

Originally Posted 7/11/10

"Water all around" - yes, this episode is all about the Pool, the Beach and all things do to with the refreshing satisfaction of a dip in the water.

Here's the Playlist:

Pool & Dive
Don't You Know Who I Think I Was

Pool Party
The Aquabats
Myths, Legends, and Other Amazing Adventures of The Aquabats!, Vol. 2

Do The Swim
The Zeros
Right Now
Emerald Bay

King of the Beach
King of the Beach

Pool Party
Summer Vacation

Draining The Pool For You
Right Here - A Go-Betweens Tribute
Striped Sunlight Blog

The Guitar Shaped Swimming Pool
The Hitsville House Band
12 O'Clock Stereo
Napa Cellars Zinfandel

Bongo Party
Davie Allan & the Arrows
Devils' Rumble: The Davie Allan & the Arrows Anthology
Suggested by Jason R.

No Pool Party Tonite
The Huntingtons
Get Lost
How To Make A Big Splash At The Pool Video

Drinking By The Pool
Everybody Does It

Pool Hoppin'
The Swingin' Neckbreakers
Kick Your Ass

Like Swimming
Like Swimming
Suggested by Jake from the band APA State Mental and Jake's Inferno

Dead in the Water
The Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World

The Frogmen
Candix 7"
Cowabunga! Box Set

The Tweeds
Underwater girl
AutoBahn 7"
Bubblegum the Punk

Surfer's Memories
Felsted 7"

What Does A Lifeguard Do In The Fall?
June August
Groovie 7"

Swimming Ground
Meat Puppets
SST 7"

Do The Swim
Sky Saxon & The Electra Fires
Joie 7"

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #324 - Intoxicated Lover Ending Our French Kiss

Your Mother was  a Hamster and your Father smelt of Elderberry!  Yes - it is the French show this week On Red Red Wine On A Sunday.  Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time

Here's the Playlist:

She Speaks Perfect French
The Manikins

The Fleshtones
Speed Connection II - The Final Chapter (Live In Paris 85)

Jealousy (French Version)
The Delmonas
The Delmonas

Film d'horreur
Stereo Total
Juke-Box Alarm

In France
Frank Zappa
Have I Offended Someone?
Suggested by Boyd

Ebony Eyes
Bob Welch
French Kiss


Les Rendez-Vous Menier
Pascale & Suzie
Girls In The Garage Vol.12 (14 Charming French Swinging Ladies)

French Toast (Soleil Trop Chaud)
The English Beat

Paris In June
Wreckless Eric
The Donovan Of Trash

South of France
The Windowsill
The Windowsill

A Mexican Funeral In Paris
Shane MacGowan & The Popes
The Snake
Suggested by Jer

Crimes Of Paris
Elvis Costello And The Attractions
Blood & Chocolate

Bonnie and Clyde
Serge Gainsbourg
The Originals
Suggested by Kate

Matt Sonic

French Fries w/Pepper
Like Swimming
Suggested by Jake of Jake's Inferno

French Song
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts

Against The Law
Sub Kids
Chaos En France - Volume 1
Suggested by Darren

Stop The War
Les Thugs

Dominique Laboubée
The Fleshtones
Yep Roc Single
Suggested by Noland

A Different Me

Sin City (Live In Paris)
Suggested by John

And I Did
Dog Party
"Til Your Mine

portland to vermont
bill, you're only human

Backdoor Man
The Bidons
The Bidons

Tonight Tonite
Skin Of Tears
Fake My Day

Os Noctàmbulos

Jackie Zealous
Psychic Data

Long Gone
One Minute Millionaires
Power Popsicle Brain Freeze

New Single

The Steve Deaton Three
The Steve Deaton Three

Before I Go
The Fleshtones
The Band Drinks For Free

Le Bikini Microscopique
The Beat From Palookaville
Best August 2016 Records1001

BB (Tu me Plais tant)
Tommy Lorente
Power Popsicle Brain Freeze

Racetrack In France
Gil Scott-Heron
Arista 7"

The Ox
The Who
French Decca 7" EP

Color Me Impressed
The Replacements
Rhino 7"

Can Your Pussy Do The Dog
The Cramps
New Rose French Clear Vinyl 7"

It's Still Warm
New Rose French 7"

Present Arms
French Epic 7"

Moulin Rouge
Greg Kihn
German Beserkely 7"

Parisienne Walkways
Gary Moore

Movie Clips on the show:

An American In Paris
Love In The Afternoon

Had a bit of French Taunting in there courtesy of Monty Python

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Next time on the show, 
the subject is Guns.

The next show will be the Yes show - not the band but the Affirmative!

If you have any songs to contribute, please e-mail me at:

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Redox #37 Born In The USA

It's the 4th of July and I'll be going coast to coast on the latest Red Red Wine On A Sunday. It's an All-American show, so if you are from the great USA it should make you proud. If you don't call America your home, maybe this show can help you understand the paradox that is the USA.

Here's the Playlist:

4th of July [Demo Version]
Beyond & Back: The X Anthology
Suggested by Joe Syph from the Best Table In Hell Podcast

The American In Me
The Avengers
The Avengers

Born In The USA
Live (St Andrews hall, Detroit 11/11/87)
Sent in by Scott from the Ledge Podcast

House Of Large Sizes
Glass Cockpit
Suggested by Jason R
Anchor Steam Porter

Back On Top
The Bohunks
...And Out Come the Bohunks
Sent in by JJ of the Bohunks

Bad Town
Johnny Cakes and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypso
In the Butt

Two Feet High and Falling
Kermit's Finger

Portrait of Sobriety
World War IX
Portrait Of Sobriety
The Big Takeover

Hundred Bucks
Jeremy Porter
Party Of One

Ain't Got No Dough
Peter Case

Hot Rod USA
The Fantastic Baggys
Hot Rod Heaven Vol. 2

Surfin' USA
Music for our Mother Earth volume 1.

American Kix
Whatever Happened to Fun
Power Pop Criminals

Bogus Memories
Mean Jeans
Dirtnap 7"

Chicksville USA
Jimmy Gray
Shasta 7"
Buffalo Bop Trading Kisses LP

Messin' With The Kid
Junior Wells' Chicago Blues Band
Chief 7"
Blues Masters, Vol. 4: Harmonica Classics Lp

Dropkick Murphys
Hellcat Green vinyl 7"
Singles Collection Vol. 2 (1998-2004) LP

Marines Fight Song
Live (11/4/84 Al's Bar, Los Angeles)
Sent in by Scott from the Ledge Podcast

Rockaway Beach
Sire 7"
Rocket To Russia LP

American Music
The Blasters
Slash 7"
The Blasters LP
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