Sunday, May 24, 2015

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #270 - Another Girl, Another Planet (Live in Boston)

Gotta love those B-Sides!  Gotcha covered tonight with covers from the Mono Men, The Strypes, Afrika Bambatta and the Replacements, of course.

Here's the Playlist:

Kick Out the Jams
Mono Men
Ten Cool Ones

Another Girl, Another Planet
The Replacements
2015-04-27: The Sinclair, Cambridge, MA

Answering Machine
This is a Tribute to The Replacements

Double Talkin' Baby
Stray Cats
Built for Speed

Please Don't Touch (Demo)
Mott The Hoople
All The Young Dudes - The Anthology

Baby Please Don't Go
Jo Ann Henderson
Northern Girls: Heartbreak, Revenge & The New Dance Craze

Got My Mojo Working
Ann Cole
Northern Girls: Heartbreak, Revenge & The New Dance Craze

New Kind Of Kick
Midnight Woolf
I'll Be A Dog

Five Years Ahead of My Time [Demo Version]
The Cramps
How to Make a Monster 

The Concept
The Shazam
Tribute To Teenage Fanclub - What A Concept

You're All I've Got Tonight
The Millions
Substitution Mass Confusion - A Tribute To The Cars

Mercury Blues
David Lindley
El Rayo-X
Suggested by Boyd

The Witch
The Pointed Sticks
Waiting for the Real Thing

Barnacle Bill The Sailor
Frank Luther
Victor 78 RPM

Hot Rod Jalopy
Johnny Bond
Hot Rod Race Hillbilly Style

Mahna, Mahna

Come And Get It - A Tribute To Badfinger

10.15 Saturday Night
The Living End
It's For Your Own Good EP
Suggested by Darren

Fucked Up
Danko Jones
Suggested by Christian

Heading Out To the Highway
Stone Sour
Meanwhile In Burbank... - EP
Suggested by Kate

Hanging On The Telephone
Davila 666
Under The Covers Vol 2: A Tribute to The Nerves

Wig-Wam Bam
Tammy and the Lords of Misrule
Right To Chews:  Bubblegum Classics Revisited

Sweet Jeena & The Roomates
Sweet Jeena & The Roomates
Suggested by Noland

First Aid Kit
Letterman 5/7/18
Suggested by Jer

Elimination Round
Jeremy Porter & The Tucos
Above The Sweet Tea Line

Kick Out the Jams
The Strypes
Flat Out - Single

Mystery Dance
Sparkle*Jets U.K.
Beyond Belief: A Tribute to Elvis Costello

Get Ready
Mars Needs Women
Mars Needs Women

If I Had A Million Lunchables
Junk Food Junkies
Junk Food Junkies

Hybrid Moments
Too Little Too Late

I'm The Man
Fitz Of Depression
Yo-Yo 7"

Rebel Kind
Wallabies 7"

Beserkley 7"

Boss Hoss
Teenage Cavemen
Homo Hablis 7"

German Atlantic 7"

Kick Out The Jams
Afrika Bambaataa
Rhino 7"

Background Music tonight:

Apache    Bud Ashton

Thunder Reef     Jackie And The Cedrics

Yankee Doodle Rock     Lenny & the Continentals

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Next Week, The subject is Favorite Things.  This time covering 

Punk, Glam, Mod and Rhythm & Blues.

In 2 weeks, Chuck Berry will be celebrated

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2012 Sebastiani B-Side Cabernet

A wonderful spring afternoon out here on the left coast - gonna hit around 85.  Perfect time for grillin.  Tonight I've got some Kabobs prepped up and ready to hit the grill paired with chocolae covered strawberries for desert.  I thought a nice hearty Cab would go well with both, so picked up a B-Side Cabernet down at the local wine shop.

This Cabernet starts with the very distinctive vegetal Cabernet flavor that I am not a huge fan of, but then the fruit forward notes start adding up and swiftly overcome it..  Bluebery, Plum, Cherry predominate with some smoke and leather on the backside.  Not the best Cabernet I've ever tasted, but very solid - it looks like they have a Red Blend as well - I'll need to track that one down. 


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #269 - Once Around The Weekend

The Weekend - the best part of the week, right?  I celebrate it with some Westerberg, Dirtbombs and Cochran!

Here's the Playlist:

Doin' Donuts
The Donnas
Get Skintight

The Weekenders
The Hold Steady
Heaven Is Whenever

Once Around the Weekend
Paul Westerberg

Kill The Weekend
Electric Eel Shock
Transworld Ultra Rock

Weekend Warrior (Angels Live In My Town)
All Of It

Knights Forever
The Bennies
Rainbows In Space
Suggested by Darren

Weekend In L.A.
The Toasters
Suggested by Boyd

Designated Drinker
The Porkers
Hot Dog Daquiri

Lonely Weekends
Bobby Vee
Bobby Vee Meets The Crickets

Eddie Cochran
London American Label Year By Year 1961

American Heavy Metal Weekend
The Circle Jerks

Wild Weekend
The Zeros
Punk 45: Kill the Hippies! Kill Yourself! The American Nation Destroys Its Young - Underground 
Punk in the United States of America, vol. 1

The Weekend's Too Short
Graham Parker and The Shot
Steady Nerves

Here Comes The Weekend
The Jam
This Is The Modern World

Something For the Weekend
The Insomniacs
Get Something Going!

Weekend On Mars
The Nomads
Raw & Rare

Here Comes the Weekend
Suggested by El

Weekend Without Makeup
The Long Blondes
Someone to Drive You Home

Weekend Love
The Stripes
A Reference Of Female Fronted Punk Rock 1977-89 [disc 1]

Livin' For The Weekend
The Dirtbombs
Ultraglide In Black

The Boys
Boys Only

Weekend Girls
Kurt Baker
Brand New Beat
Suggested by Tommer of Tommy Unit Live

Week-End Rendezvous
Best Of Hello & Rarities

Anything Is Better Than This
Black Is The New Black

Body Bags
Danko Jones
Fire Music

Peanut Butter Dream
Dog Party
Vol. 4

Twin Blasts
King Creep
Pink Tape

Need Ya
Claire & The Cops
Lounge Lovers

Low Lives In High Definition
Electric Blood

Here Comes The Spade
Fight Back

Gray Area
Modern Needs
Test Pattern

Good Weekend
Art Brut
UK White Vinyl Fierce Panda 7"

Lost Weekend
Midnite Snaxxx
Goner 7"

With the Bug
Roy Orbison
Monument 7"

Much Too Much
The Who
French Decca 7" EP

Switching to Glide 
The Kings
Elektra 7"

Background Music tonight:

Weekend     Kingsmen

Having An Average Weekend     Dirk Doom

Wild Weekend   Andy MacKay

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Next week,  A local Pinball Show is on the calender, so no show.

In 2 Weeks, The subject will be Covers.

In 3 Weeks, The subject is Favorite Things.  This time covering 

Punk, Glam, Mod and Rhythm & Blues.

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Lagunitas Brewing Hop Stoopid Double IPA

Happy Mother's Day! - hope all the Mothers out there are well taken care of - I'll be hitting the grill soon to prepare dinner for the Mother of my 2 wonderful daughters.  She has requested the following: Grilled Filet Mignon with sauteed mushrooms and onions, grilled asparagus and a butternut squash risotto.  Hey - that sounds wonderful to me, so I better get cooking!

Just uncapped a Double IPA to get the cooking mojo started.   This IPA is a serious beer - 102 IBUs and 8% alcohol.  Wowsa.... a bit of a sniff and I can detect some pine, lotsa lemon and a faint waft of Ganga... interesting.  First sip and it is lighting up my tongue like a shot around the "horn" on the Lightning Ball pinball machine you see in the picture.  Bells, whistles, Marching men Marching - yep right down the throat - spicy and bitter with no let up - ouch.  Hmmm seriously this one is just Stoopid with the Hops....  I have had better Double IPAs (Green Flash and Dirtwolf come to mind), but this one is growing on me as I work through the first glass.  Yes Lagunitas makes some quality brews.  I'll keep the bomber handy as I grill up the Mother's Day menu mentioned above - Cheers!

Lagunitas Website -----> Massively Dry-Hopped for your Aromatic pleasure

Beer Advocate rating ----- > BA is 93 and the Bros give it a 90 (outstanding)

Slick Chick is coming along - Thanks to Dan!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #268 - Left Of The Dial (Masonic Auditorium April 13, 2015)

It's the 5th annual Jukebox Jamboree - with some Kinks, Generation X and the Mats, of course!

Here's the Playlist:

Jukebox Lean
New Bomb Turks
Scared Straight 
Juke Box Music
The Kinks
The Kinks At The BBC
Left Of The Dial
The Replacements
2015-04-13: Masonic Auditorium,San Francisco, CA (DMonkey)
Amber Jean
The Flakes
Back to School
Yeah Yeah
The Connection
Seven Nights To Rock

Juke Box Man
Mel Tillis
The Chronological Mel Tillis
Suggested by Greg of the Rock N Roll Manifesto
The Holy Jukebox
The Raymen
Rebel Years 1985-1987
A Pair Of Brown Eyes
The Pogues
Rum, Sodomy& the Lash
Punk Rock Girl
Streetlight Manifesto
99 Songs of Revolution: Volume I
There's A Song On The Jukebox
David Wills
Barrooms To Bedrooms
Suggested by Draz
If That Old Jukebox Could Talk
Jody Reynolds
Don't Tell Me (More Than I Wanna Know)
Jukebox Zeros
Four On The Floor

Ready Steady Go
Generation X
Generation X
Boppin' The Blues
Carl Perkins
Dance Album
Gene's On The Jukebox
Jean Vincent
Jeans On The Jukebox

Crazy Legs
Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps
Rock And Roll Legend
Mess Around
Ray Charles
Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 47-74
Hot Mamma
Brother Woodsmans Combo & the Chanters feat. Ethel Brown
Jukebox Jam! Vol. 2

Little Queenie
Chuck Berry
Chuck Berry Is On Top  
Shot Down In Flames
Highway To Hell
Suggested by Jake of Jake's Inferno
Noise, Noise, Noise
The Damned
Machine Gun Etiquette
Suggested by Darrfen

Oh Sheena
Jesse Malin
New York Before the War

Summer Cannibals
Show Us Your Mind
Bo Diddley's Dog
Bad Bad Dog!

Til the Jukebox Dies
Dwight Twilley
Don't Push That Button
Juke Joint Pimps
Juke Joint Pimps

Bad Boy
Mars Needs Women
Mars Needs Women

I Love Rock N' Roll
Joan Jett
Boardwalk 7"

Music, Music, Music
Teresa Brewer
Coral 7"

A -1 On The Juke Box
Dave Edmunds
UK Swan Song 7"

Wish You Were D.E.A.D.
American Heartbreak
Pelado 7"
Hot Love (Live)
T. Rex
UK Grey marble Vinyl Devil's Jukebox 7"

Love Shack
Suggested by Darren

Jukebox (Don't Put Another Dime)
The Flirts
O 7"
Suggested by El

The Jook

Rock And Roll Part 1
Gary Glitter
Bell 7"

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Next week,  I'll be celebrating the Weekend.

In 2 Weeks, A local Pinball Show in on the calender, so no show.

In 3 Weeks, The subject wil lbe Covers.

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