Thursday, May 18, 2017

Redox #80 - Hateful

Originally Posted 2/8/11

This Monday I'm serving up some juicy covers. Got a brand spanking new Dropkick Murphy's song, plus some Stones, Mott the Hoople, Tommy Stinson and Gories for ya. The volume monster has been tamed as well!

Here's the Playlist:

The Irish Rover
Dropkick Murphys
Going Out In Style

Detroit Rock City
Bullet LaVolta
Hard To Believe (A Kiss Covers Compilation)

Rock and Roll Gas Station

Your Own Backyard
Mott the Hoople
Brain Capers

1964 UK Rice Krispies Commercial
The Rolling Stones

Roll Over Beethoven
The Rolling Stones
Vol. 2 Outtakes

Brook Griffiths Demo
Sent in by Lee
Saigon Hookers on Facebook

Blitzkrieg Bop
Speedball Baby
Get Straight for the Last Supper
Sent in by Midwesterskirt

I Need You Tonight

The Dirtbombs
I Need you Tonight 7''
Suggested by Twitch
Drunken DumbShow

Tommy Stinson
A Tribute to The Clash - White Riot, Vol Two (2003)
Men Without Ties - Stinson post

The Seeker
Enigma 7"

Rave On
Marshall Crenshaw
Warner 7"

Surf Rider
The Phantom Surfers
Estrus 7''

Something Else
Stray Cats
UK Arista 7"

I Don't Feel So Happy Now
First Base
Ric Rac 7"

Casting My Spell
Get Hip 7"

Pictures Of Matchstick Men
Camper Van Beethoven
UK Virgin 7"
Key Lime Pie LP

I've Done Everything For You
Me First And The Gimme Gimmes
Fat Wreck 7"

24 Hour
Left Lane Cruiser
Junkyard Speed Ball

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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Redox #79 - You Lose

Originally Posted 2/21/11

The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke by Richard Dadd

Tonight on Red Red Wine On A Sunday, I explore the second or sophomore album phemomena with the help of a few friends. Recorded Live on Real Punk Radio on February 21st, this episode has some Queen, Replacements and Bonnevilles picked out for your enjoyment.

Here's the Playlist:
You Lose
The Replacements

The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke
Queen II

Picked by El from Cassettes and Chocolate Milk

Tender Assassin

I Ain't Ready
The Meteors
Wreckin' Crew
Picked by Greg from the Rock and Roll Manifesto

Guns on the Roof
The Clash
Give 'Em Enough Rope

Bad Boys Get Spanked
Pretenders II
Picked by John

You Little Hood Rat Friend
The Hold Steady
Separation Sunday

Tired Of Sex

Major Label Blues
Sophmore Jinx
Picked by Jake from Jake's Inferno
Silly Tasting Note Generator

Nothin' in the World Can Stop Me From Worryin' 'Bout That Girl
Kinda Kinks

Mess Me Up
Raw Romance

You Belong To Me
Elvis Costello & The Attractions
UK Radar 7"
This Year's Model LP

No Law In Lurgan
The Bonnevilles
Eruption Records 7"
Santa Muerte Murder Songs LP

Drain You
Geffen 7"
Nevermind LP

Plastic Skin
Lost Sounds
Solid Sex Lovie Doll 7"
Black Wave LP

Carbona Not Glue
The Ramones
"Sub Pop" 7" - actually a Bootleg!
Leave Home LP

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Friday, May 12, 2017

Redox #78 - Valentine

Originally Posted 2/14/11

The Girl With the Wineglass - Jan Vermeer

It's Valentine's Day and I've got some Girls, Girls, Girls lined up for ya. Recorded live on 2/14/2011, this episode features some great songs by the Green Lady Killers, Klark Kent and the Cute Lepers. Start with a couple of glasses of wine, mix in a busy weekend with not much sleep and ya got a bunch of sloppiness - my apologies - hey - it's live!

Here's the Playlist:

The List
The Fags
The Fags (EP)

Tura Satana
Saying Goodbye 7"
Thanks to Damo from The Long Gone Loser Magazine and Podcast

The Green Lady Killers
Just Fine

Pretty Girls
Joe Jackson
Look Sharp!

Playing With Girls
Fly On The Wall
Suggested by Jake of Jake's Inferno

You're Breakin' My Heart
Nilsson Nilsson
Suggested by Boyd

Baby, All Those Girls Meant Nothing To Me
David Lowery
The Palace Guards
Thanks to Tony for the inspiration

The Replacements
Pleased To Meet Me

Robbie Fulks
Let's Kill Saturday Night
Thanks to Tom from Bomb Out Radio
2009 Blason Pinot Noir

My Girl
Otis Redding
Atlantic 7" 1965
Dreams To Remember: The Otis Redding Anthology LP

I Saw Her First
First Base
Ric Rac 7"
Get your copy right here ----- > Play Pinball Records

Office Girls
Klark Kent
Kryptone 7"
Kollected Works

A Certain Girl
Warren Zevon
Asylum 7"
Genius: The Best Of Warren Zevon LP

(Hey! I Fell In Love With An) Alien Girl
The Crumbs
Recess 7"

Now Sounds Spot For The Houston Post
Fever Tree
U-Spaces: Psychedelic Promos & Radio Spots Vol. 1

San Francisco Girls (Return of the Native)
Fever Tree
Uni 7"
Fever Tree LP

Girl In A T-Shirt
ZZ Top
RCA 7"
Antenna Lp

Berlin Girls
The Cute Lepers
Damaged Goods 7"
Smart Accessories LP

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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #349 - No Bands

1993 - a great year for Music!

Here's the Playlist:

Down Love
Paul Westerberg
14 Songs

1 Time, 2 Times Devastated
One Time Two Times Three Red Light

No Rain
Mike Massé, Sterling Cottam and Jeff Hall
Mike Massé Youtube Channel
Suggested by Collena

Friday Night (is Killing Me)
Bash and Pop
Friday Night is Killing Me

Uptown Suckers
The Cows
Sexy Pee Story

No Bands
Chris Mars
75% Less Fat

Bobby's Shakin' Again
Jimbo's Clown Room
Suggesed by Greg

Up Yer Heart
Positively Sick On 4th Street

Up For a Downslide
New Bomb Turks
Destroy oh Boy!!

Wandering Spirits
The Bellrays
In the Light of the Sun

Gas Girl
Bottle Rockets
Bottle Rockets
Suggested by Tom T

Kill Rhythm
Catherine Wheel

Vacation Time
Evan Johns And The H-Bombs
Rollin' Through The Night

Be My Head
The Flaming Lips
Transmissions From The Satellite Heart
Suggested by John

Scratch My Back
The Sharp
This Is The Sharp
Suggested by Noland

Iggy Pop
American Caesar
Suggested by Jake

Kerosene Hat
Suggested by Boyd

Callin' You Home
The Biters
Earache 7"

Ready To Rock
Suede Razors
Razor Stomp

Deathwish Kamakaze
Destroy Oh Boy
Destroy Oh Boy

Jazz And Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Micah Schnabel
Your New Norman Rockwell,

All Over The World
Paul Collins' Beat
Long Time Gone / To Beat Or Not To Beat
Thanks Tony!

High Heel Creepers
The Strays
This Is
Thanks Kate!

My Sister
The Juliana Hatfield Three
Mammouth Grey vinyl 7"

Web in Front
Archers Of Loaf
Alias 7"

The Breeders
Elektra 7"
Suggested by Darren

Hang On To Your Ego
Frank Black
UK 4AD 7"

Tommy Can You Hear Me
John S. Hall
Vital Music Clear Vinyl 7"

Someone's Gonna Die 
Fat Wreck White Vinyl 7"

Wicked As It Seems
Keith Richards
Virgin 7"

Lickin' Stick
The Loved Ones
Hightone 7"

Chemical World
Red Vinyl UK Food 7"

Smash The Mirror
Dave The Spaz
Vital Music Clear Vinyl 7"

The Spinanes
Sub Pop 7"

Black Gold
Soul Asylum
UK Columbia 7"

A Good Idea
UK Creation 7"

Cure For Pain
SOL 7"

Snippets on the show:

Falling Down trailer
Dazed and Confused trailer
Groundhog Day trailer

Background Music on the show:

Beluga Stroll     The Halibuts
Eric Estrotica     Man Or Astro-Man?
Rumble     The Mono Men
Song Of The Lobster     Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet

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Next week,  Covers

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In 3 Weeks, Pinball 

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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Redox #77 - A Few Minutes Of Silence

Originally Posted 2/7/11

This Monday I served up a little game for those in the chat and for the podcast listeners as well.

I call it Connections - I play 3 songs and you figure out the connection. Now - I'm not gonna list the connection here - ya got to listen to find 'em. Good luck!

Here's the Playlist:


Set #1
Never There
Prolonging The Magic

Silent Telephone
Elgin Avenue Breakdown Revisited

Telephone Love
Marky Ramone and The Intruders
Marky Ramone and The Intruders

Set #2
The Jam
Polydor 7"
Sound Effects LP

A Few Minutes Of Silence
Paul Westerberg
14 Songs

Do You Wanna Love Me?
Paul Collins
King Of Power Pop

Set #3
Gudbuy T'jane
Polydor 7"
Slayed LP

Black Diamond

Another Girl Another Planet
The Only Ones
CBS 7"
Teenage Kicks: UK Pop 1 Compilation

Set #4
The Oxford Circle
Live At The Avalon 1966

Days Are Long
Jake Mann + the Upper Hand
Parallel South
Crossbill Records

Walk Together, Rock Together
7 Seconds
Walk Together, Rock Together
Phono Select Records

Set #5
We Wanna Boogie
Sonny Burgess
Charly UK 7"
The Classic Recordings 1956-1959 Bear Family Label LP

Dynotone Stomp
The Dynotones
Mad Fabricators Society Vol. 01

Baby You Crazy
Nick Curran & the Lowlifes
Reform School Girl
Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Festival

Set #6
Chain Gang Theme (I See Progress)
Chain and the Gang
Down With Liberty... Up With Chains!

Theme From...
The Hives
The Hives

Tony's Theme
Surfer Rosa

Let The Dominoes Fall

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