Sunday, August 22, 2010

2008 Sobon Estates Cougar Hill Zinfandel

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday. I just cracked open a bottle, as you can see above, and it should go well with the Brined Chicken that is turning round and round on the grill.

The wine tonight is 2008 Sobon Estates Cougar Hill Zinfandel. Check out their website here ----> Sobon Estates.

The Sobons also produce the Shenadoah Vineyards label and the Zins from that brand are killer as well. I cannot recommend the winery enough, as their lineup of Zins are the best that this humble wine drinker has ever seen or tasted - top to bottom - hand crafted with care and thought.

Oh ya - about the coaster for the bottle and glass - it's a beer colored vinyl copy of Hellbound Glory's Scumbag Country - no reflection on the music, just thought it would look good in the photo! Get your copy here -----> Gearhead records

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