Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ebay Rock 45's (6/11/10)

Ebay Rock 45's

Each Friday, I post a select group of 5 rock 45's that sold on Ebay recently.
Here's the list for Friday, the 11th of June, 2010

"mega-rarity that NEVER gets offered!"

From the Auction: "CONDITION / PROVENANCE: Both record and cover are in absolutely mint condition. It has been kept in a plastic sleeve away from light and dust for the last 27 years. Record has never been played. This record and the little flyer are unconditionally guaranteed to be original, from 1983. All come from my (Jeff Nelson - Minor Threat/Dischord Records) punk archives, which are being downsized after continuing to be described variously as "too big" and "insane" or containing "more than my potential kids or grandkids will ever want."

Great Sun original rockabilly from 1954

From the Auction - "This is probably the second rarest New Orleans garage psych 45 with Dr. Spec's Optical illusion being Numero uno"

From the Auction: Both sides of this extremely rare 1966 garage monster from Albuquerque, New Mexico, are great. It is ranked #133 on the G45 Legends Top 300, and has been included on at least three compilations.

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