Monday, June 21, 2010

Blog Spotlight - Music Ruined My Life

Music Ruined My Life is a great blog that "posts fine, out-of-print
three-chord obscurica (punk, pop-punk, mod, power-pop,
folk, country...whatever.)"

The Peel Session from Billy Bragg pictured above is featured in a recent post

Subjects of other recent posts have been Generation X, Cavedogs, Goo Goo Dolls, The Ruts, Split Enz and the Buzzcocks.

One of the on-going features is called Power-Popscurities. Here's the description:

Power-Popscurites is a series meant to bring to light power-pop bands so unknown that they've even been missed by greater minds of the blogosphere.

Here's a recent post from the series:

Winnipeg's seventies punk/new wave community was small terms of size and impact. Alongside, The Fuse, Popular Mechanix! were one of the big fish in this frozen pond. The band, Stu Nichols - Vocals/Guitars, Boris Hoagy - Bass/Vocal and Greg Gardner - Drums/Vocals, borrowed from ska, punk, power-pop and the quirkier side of new wave to make music they called "snow wave". The band,who resided somewhere between The Diodes and The Pointed Sticks, musically and geographically, got to make two indie L.P.'s, both of which were, for many years, ubiquitous in Winnipeg .

You have to scrunch up your ears to imagine how much more a sympathetic producer could've done with this tight trio and their developing song-craft on their self-titled debut. The album is loaded with deftly-arranged tracks that wittily rail against Las Vegas toilets, Winnipeg winters, painter pants and Mazola Oil, all the while proving that it's "Fun To Be Dumb".

Don't miss the great blogs that are included on the right hand side of the page - Wilfully Obscure, Power Pop Criminals, etc.

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