Sunday, November 2, 2014

Ninkasi Sleigh'r Dark Doüble Alt Ale

Well, a wet Halloween didn't dampen any Spirits around here - in fact I'm ready for Christmas already as Ninkasi just released their Seasonal ale - the Sleigh'r Dark Doüble Alt Ale.  Grabbed a six pack at my local market and have been working my way through them.  Nice dark color and a small but stout head, this one has some wonderful malt flavors.  Not very much hop bitterness, so the chocolate and toasted almonds flavors predominate.  Despite the Christmas theme, this is not one of those flavored beers, just a wonderful Alt (an Ale that is cold fermented).

Ninkasi Website ----- > deep, toasted malt flavor

Barstool Therapy Facebook page ----- > Films and Beers

Click the link above for the Barstool Therapy podcast facebook page and check out Noland's recommendations for beers paired with movies.  He pairs the Sleigh'r with Silent Night, Deadly Night - Perfect!

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