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Ebay Rock 45's (3/25/11)

Ebay Rock 45's

Each Friday, I post a select group of 5 rock 45's that sold on Ebay recently along with the corresponding video - so ya get to hear what the fuss is all about!

Here's the list for the week ending March 24th, 2011

Manic Street Preachers Suicide Alley $1000.00

From the Auction:
This is The Manic Street Preachers first release. There was a pressing of 300 total. There were 100 with newspaper cutout collage & 200 with hand glued cardboard jackets. This record is from the 200 edition. It is the original,I bought when it first came out as a mail order directly from the band.

Otis Redding and the Pinetoppers Fat Gal $400.00

From the Auction:
GREAT Deep Soul

Artist: Otis Redding

Title: Side A: Fat Gal / Side B: Shout Bamalama

Label: Confederate 135

Play Condition: Side A: NM / Side B: close to NM

Remarks: His rarest single before changing its label name to “Orbit”.

L. C. Smith Radio Boogie $395.56

From the Auction:

Artist: L. C. SMITH and The Southern Playboys

Titles: “Radio Boogie” / “Honeymoon on a Rocket Ship”

Label: WANGO (Baltimore, MD.) Original stock copy, label is white with red text. Catalog number is 45-104.

Year: 1958

Jumpin' Gene Simmons Drinkin Wine $212.50

From the Auction:

Here is a nice original copy of SUN 299 released in the late 1950's. Both sides are nice VG+ condition with just light scuffing. Plays with excellent fidelity and some light surface noise. A very enjoyable listen.

The Exploding Hearts Modern Kicks $49.99

From the Auction:

Limited Edition or 200 (or was it only 100 on Pink/Swirl?) pressed, Original first Pressing
Essential Power Pop garage Punk!

Here's a special treat that I found - went for about $400! ($8 a piece - what a bargain!)

Released by the Garage Greats label in 5 batches of 10 singles in 2008 & 2009 (I think), all strictly limited to 500 copies, numbered by hand! Some of these are already hard to come by, and you will have to spend some time (and postage) if you want to collect a complete set of this series today. The singles typically retailed for around USD 10 each, and I offer free postage, so don't let this opportunity pass you by!

Here is a description, probably from the label: "A new label dedicated to reissuing the best and rarest 1960's garage 45s from around the world. Each 45 has been re-mastered at the world famous Abbey Road Studios with the intention of reproducing the original singles exactly, the only changes were raising the db levels to give maximum playback enjoyment. Some of these 45s are so rare as to be simply impossible to find no matter how deep your pockets." "In keeping with the original releases the original labels have been reproduced faithfully. Each release is a hand-numbered limited edition of 500 that comes in a generic Garage Greats house bag."

The black sleeve batches (20 7" singles):

  • The Human Expression: Optical Sound / Calm Me Down (Accent: AC 1226)
  • The Es Shades: Anyday, Anywhere / Without My Love (United Audio: 80125)
  • The Headstones: Wish She Were Mine / 24 Hours (Everyday) (Pharaoh: P-147)
  • Things To Come: SweetGina / Speak of the Devil (Starfire: 103)
  • Graf Zeppelin: You're in My Mind / Sunset (Orlyn: WSKM-4588)
  • The Thunderbirds: These Days Are Gone / Hey Little Girl (Libra: 8935-1047)
  • Spiders: Don't Blow Your Mind / No Price Tag (Santa Cruz: SCR 10,003)
  • The Stoics: Hate / Enough of What I Need (Brams: BM-101)
  • The Nomads: Thoughts of a Madman / From Zero Down (Tornado: T-159)
  • The Plague: Go Away / Money (Epidemic: R-2164)
  • The Fe-Fi-Four Plus 2: I Wanna Come Back / Double Crossin' Girl (Lance: 101)
  • Purple Canteen: If You Like it That Way / Brains in my Feet (Alley: AS 1049)
  • The Heard: You're Gonna Miss Me / Exit 9 (One Way: 0001)
  • THe Sound Barrier: (My) Baby's Gone / Hey Hey (Zounds: GQP 1004)
  • The Tombstones: I Want You / You'll Regret it (Grave: 1001)
  • T.C. Atlantic: Faces: / Baby Please Don't Go (Turtle: T-1103)
  • Grains of Sand: Goin' Away Baby / Golden Apples of the Sun (Genesis: G-101)
  • The Weeds: It's Your Time / Little Girl (Teenbeat Club: TB-1006)
  • The Lost Agency: Time To Dream / One Girl Man (U.S.A.: 881)
  • Caretakers of Deception: Cuttin' Grass / X + Y = 13 (Sanctus: SS-12)

The blue sleeve batches (20 7" singles):

  • Three To One: See Emily Play (Syd Barrett) / Give Me Love (Arc A 1186)
  • The Power of Beckett: Lost Soul In Disillusion / Back To Me (Quality 1895X)
  • Five Canadians: Writing on the Wall / Goodnight (Stone SX701)
  • The Fringe: Flower Generation / Token For My Mind (Quality 1899X)
  • The Painted Ship: Audience Reflections / And She Said Yes (London M. 17354)
  • The Quiet Jungle: Ship of Dreams / Everything (Yorkville YV-45004)
  • Expedition To Earth: Expedition To Earth / Time Time Time (Franklin Records QC. 618)
  • M.G. & The Escorts: A Someday Fool / It's Too Late (Reo 8975X)
  • Underworld: Go Away / Round (Regency R 979)
  • King-Beezz: Found And Lost / Now (Quality 1860X)
  • The Burgundy Runn: How Far Up Is Down / Stop! (Lavette LA-5014)
  • The Barons: Time And Time Again / Now You're Mine (S.R.O. ZTSP 122427)
  • The New Breed: Wasting My Time / It's Love (Polaris 711)
  • The Seeds Of Time: She's Been Travelin' 'Round The World / Gina (Morgan HV-9060)
  • Tasmanians: Love Love Love / Baby (Conda 101)
  • Ty Wagner: I'm A No-Count / Walking Down Lonely Street (ChattahoocheeCH 699)
  • The Steps Beyond: Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying / Go On Your Way Girl (Mark VII D-1021)
  • The Shames: Special Ones / The World Is Upside Down (RFT 1001)
  • Continentals: Blue Moments / I'm Gone (Gaylo BM-124)
  • The Crucibles: Beware Of Birds / You Know I Do (Madtown 813H-401)

The red sleeve batch (10 7" singles):

  • Royal Flairs: Suicide / One Pine Box (Marina M 6598-01)
  • The Omens: Searching / Girl Get Away (Cody C007)
  • James T. And The Workers: Who Can I Turn To / That Is All (SS-6368-01)
  • The One Way Streets: We All Love Peanut Butter / Jack The Ripper (Sunrise 103)
  • The Herd: Sun Has Gone / Things Won't Change (Octopus 257)
  • The Human Expression: Love At Psychedelic Velocity / Every Night (Accent AC 1214)
  • The Cirkit: Yesterday We Laughed / I Was Wrong (Unicorn U 34941)
  • The Gentlemen: You Can't Be True / It's A Cry'n Shame (Vandan 609V-8303)
  • Al's Untouchables: Come On Baby / Stick Around (Hunt SS 6007)
  • The Blue Chips: Keep Looking For Love / Where (Roaring 804)

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