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Ebay Rock 45's (2/18/10)

Ebay Rock 45's

Each Friday, I post a select group of 5 rock 45's that sold on Ebay recently.
Here's the list for Friday, the 18th of February, 2011

N. Y. Ravers N. Y. Ravers are Go EP $337.00

From the Auction:
N.Y. RAVERS N.Y.Ravers Are Go! 7" '81 US

Very Rare!!!!Killer N.Y Punk!!!! Staring Down the Barrel.

Tracks: Violent Due To Environment, Part Of The Scene, I Just Wanna Dance,
I Really Don't Think So, Charles Atlas And His Mighty Cobra Coil, I Wanna Be Loved

Label: Stark Raving Mod

The Squats Noise - Overdose $316.11

From the Auction:


VERY RARE Euro PUNK. 100% original pressing.

Elmore James I Believe $293.36

From the Auction:

Side A: I Believe

Side B: I Held My Baby Last Night

Bobby Fuller Four Our Favorite Martian $251.38

From the Auction:

Shown in photo is a rare and "killer" 1965 surf instrumental rocker 45 by Bobby Fuller and The Fanatics titled "Our Favorite Martian" b/w "Those Memories of You". Condition of record is near mint and copies of this record when listed have sold for well over $100.

Helen Keller Surfin' With Steve and E.D. Amin $219.99

Here's a bonus auction for ya:

Lot of 50 Garage 45's $331.00

Hi, this is a lot of 50 Garage, Psych, & Beat 45s from the 60s. All are original US pressings unless noted. All will be graded individually. All are sleeved. There are some promos, colored vinyl, and a few picture sleeve in this lot as well as stock copies; in the event of a picture sleeve, grading will be sleeve / record. Some may need cleaning before play as they have been in storage for quite some time. Some may have DJ stickers or writing on labels. This is a REALLY NICE LOT, folks -- don't miss out!! Delivery confirmation included on all US orders. Here's the list: 1)31st OF FEBRUARY - Pick A Gripe - Vanguard - strong VG 2)AMBOY DUKES - You Talk Sunshine, I Breathe Fire - Mainstream - VG+++ (tremendous!!) 3)ARNIM-HAMILTON - Pepperman - Int Artists - VG++ 4)ARTHUR BROWN - I Put A Spell On You - Track - VG+++ 5)BUSHMEN - Baby - Dimension - VG+++ (PROMO) 6)CHOIR - It's Cold Outside - Roulette - VG+ 7)CHOIR - No One Here To Play With - Roulette - VG+++ (PROMO) 8)CLEFS OF LAVENDER HILL - Stop Get A Ticket - Thames - VG+ to VG++ (original label) 9)MIKI DALLON - Apple Pie - RCA - VG+ to VG++ (PROMO) 10)MAC DAVIS - Bad Scene - Capitol - VG+ (right wing anti protest) 11)DIMENSIONS - She's Boss - HBR - VG+++ to NM 12)KIM FOWLEY - Love Is Alive And Well - Tower - VG++ (PROMO) 13)FUTURE - Shape Of Things To Come - Uni - VG+ (PROMO) 14)GENTRYS - Brown Paper Sack - MGM - VG+/VG+++ (pic sleeve) 15)GENTRYS - I Can See - MGM - VG+++ (BB hole) 16)GENTRYS - Goddess Of Love - Sun - VG+ (PROMO - YELLOW VINYL) 17)GUILLOTEENS - I Sit And Cry - HBR - VG++ to VG+++ 18)GURUS - It Just Won't Be That Way - UA - VG+ (PROMO) 19)HARDTIMES - Fortune Teller - World Pacific - VG++ 20)ROY HEAD & THE TRAITS - Pain - Back Beat - VG++ (some label damage) 21)HOGS - Motorcycle Rider - Jay Boy - VG+++ to poss. NM (PROMO) 22)JOHN'S CHILDREN - Smashed Blocked - White Whale - VG+++ to poss. NM 23)JON & ROBIN - Love Me Baby - Abnak - VG++ ("Gloria" sound) 24)JUICY LUCY - Who Do You Love - Atco - VG++ (PROMO) 25)KITCHEN CINQ - Determination - LHI - VG++ 26)TERRY KNIGHT & THE PACK - Numbers - Lucky Eleven - VG++ (Good one!) 27)TERRY KNIGHT - Lullaby - Capitol - VG+ (PROMO) 28)LEAVES - Hey Joe - Mira - VG+ 29)LEAVES - Too Many People - Mira - strong VG+ 30)LEMON PIPERS - Wine & Violet - Buddah - VG+ 31)LOST - Maybe More Than You - Capitol - VG+++ to poss. NM 32)MAJIC SHIP - Green Plant - B T Puppy - VG+ to VG++ (PROMO) 33)MICHAEL & THE MESSENGERS - Midnight Hour - USA - VG++ 34)MOBY GRAPE - Sitting By The Window - Columbia - VG+/VG+++ (pic sleeve) 35)NITE PEOPLE - Hot Smoke & Sasafrass - Amsterdam - VG+++ (PROMO) 36)RATTLES - Devil's Son - London - VG++ (PROMO) 37)JOHNNY ROME & THE SECOND THOUGHT - The Museum - Brite Leaf - VG+++ (BB hole - Pop Psych- good!!) 38)RUGBYS - You I - Amazon - VG+ (PROMO - BLUE VINYL) 39)RUGBYS - Wendegahl The Warlock - Amazon - VG+++ 40)SHADOWS OF KNIGHT - Gloria - Dunwich - VG+ to VG++ 41)SHADOWS OF KNIGHT - Gospel Zone - Dunwich - VG+ to VG++ 42)SHADOWS OF KNIGHT - My Fire Department Needs A Fireman - Super K - VG++ to VG+++ 43)SONICS - Lost Love - Piccadilly - VG+++ (small label tear "B" side) 44)SOPWITH CAMEL - Postcard From Jamaica - Kama Sutra - VG+/VG+++ (pic sleeve) 45)TARANTULA - Love Is For Peace - A&M - VG+++ to poss. NM (PROMO - good psych!!) 46)TOMMY & THE TRUE BLUE FACTS - I'm Back - A&M - VG+++ (address sticker) 47)UNIQUES - Goodbye So Long - Paula - VG+++ 48)WE THE PEOPLE - Love Is A Beautiful Thing / The Day She Dies - RCA - VG+ to VG++ (PROMO) 49)YELLOW PAYGES - The Two Of Us - UNI - VG++ (BB hole) 50)ZEPHYRS - She's Lost You - Rotate - VG+ to VG++.

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