Monday, November 29, 2010

Red Red Wine on a Sunday #68 Live - Foolish Hand Shake

Love the 7" vinyl over here at Red Red Wine On A Sunday HQ. Picked out my favorite releases from the 2010 harvest to get the vinyl appetite satiated. A gem from 1997 topped the evening off, as I've got the Red Red Wine On A Sunday Time Machine unwrapped and ready for next week.

Here's the Playlist:

Black Wave
Wheels On Fire
Kind Turkey Records 7"
Cherry Bomb EP

Written in Reverse
Merge 7"
Transference LP

February Punk
Merge 7"

I'm a Ghost
The Hex Dispensers
Trouble In Mind 7"

I Want You
Personal & the Pizzas
Trouble In Mind 7"
2008 Bogle Old Vine Zinfandel

She Loves You
The Gaslight Anthem
Side One Dummy 7"

Ascension Blues
The Hold Steady
Vagrant 7"

Upside Down
Vice 7"
EP #1

Heart of Gold
May Cause Dizziness 7"
Summer Vacation EP

Foolish Hand Shake
Mr. F
Nimbit 7"

The Soft Pack
Kemado 7"
The Soft Pack LP

Sex with an X
The Vaselines
Sub Pop 7"
Sex With An X LP

The Oldest House
Ted Leo And The Pharmacists
Matador 7"

If You Let Me
JP, Chrissie And The Fairground Boys
Rocket Science 7"
Fidelity! LP

Caroline's Radio
Bubblegum Lemonade
Matinee 7"
Sophomore Release LP

Time Sucker
Mind Spiders
Dirtnap 7"

R U Mental
Mean Jeans
Dirtnap 7"

Song 2 (Live)
On Your Own 7"

If you would like to download the show in MP3 format - click the link below


Next week, it will be time once again to unwrap the Red Red Wine On A Sunday Time Machine and head back to the year of 1997

In 2 weeks, the episode will be #70, so it will be time for some more great Covers

If you have any suggestions or songs to contribute to either of those shows, please let me know at

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