Thursday, November 25, 2010

2007 Bogle Petite Syrah Port and some pie

Time for some Pie and Port

Thanksgiving dessert - Fresh strawberry pie, pumpkin pie and a bit of Petite Syrah Port

Here's some info on the port from the website:

F R O M T H E W I N E M A K E R :

The Quick Ranch, located on Merritt Island
in Clarksburg, has long been one of Bogle’s best
producing Petite Sirah vineyards. This 30 acre
parcel, planted in 1995, has once again delivered
fruit of intensity and concentration, and remains
the source of Bogle’s ruby-style Petite Sirah Port.
In order to garner the richness and ripeness
needed in the production of Port, these vines were
not harvested with the rest of the Petite Sirah, but
allowed to linger on the vine a few weeks longer.
At 26 degrees brix, clusters were selectively handpicked
on October 15, 2007. Fermentation was
halted at 12 degrees when the wine was fortified,
allowing the residual sugar and alcohol content
to stabilize. This wine was then allowed to age
and mature in neutral American oak barrels for
27 months. Though the barrels were too old to
impart flavors or aromas to the Port, the natural
reduction process integrated and developed the
intensity, creating another stellar vintage.
A richness on the nose is immediately
complemented by touches of dark cherry and
anise. Hints of exotic liqueurs, jammy berries
and just the suggestion of cocoa powder envelop
the well balanced mouthfeel. Voluptuous and
enticing, this dessert wine will seduce even the
most reluctant of drinkers. This will be enjoyable
for the next 20 years.


20 years? Might last til Saturday.......

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