Sunday, April 18, 2010

Red Red Wine on a Sunday #26 1977

Buckle your seatbelts, as it's gonna be a bumpy ride in the Red Red Wine On a Sunday Time Machine. We are heading back to 1977, with stops in 65, 75 and 76 thrown in for good measure.
Don't worry, the lower deck is at the perfect cellar temperature for the provisions that I've brought along.

Here's the Playlist:

The Clash
The Clash
Sent in by Tim from TimPop Live

Carbona Not Glue
The Ramones
Leave Home
Sent in by Dave from the From The Burro podcast

Screwed Up
Illegal 7"
Hangover Heart Attack

Ling Ting Tong
Prince Buster
Super Charge 7"
Ebay Rock 45's for 4/9/10

Politicians In My Eyes
...For the Whole World to See
Ebay Rock 45's for 4/9/10

Family Planning
The Depressions
Living On Dreams 7''
ISKSP info on the band

First Time
The Boys
The Boys
East Village Wine Geek - What's Up With Zinfandel / Primitivo?

Punk Poop (aka 1977)
The Replacements
Simply Unacceptable Bootleg
Man Without Ties Forum

Car Crash
The Avengers
The Avengers
Sent in By John Burke from Hail Citizen

Gorilla Got Me
Hammersmith Gorillas
Chiswick 7"
Gorilla Got Me LP
In the spirit of Mottey's Garage Glamcast

New Hormones 7"
Singles Going Steady LP
The Ledge British Punk episode

Police & Thieves
Junior Murvin
Mango 7"
Revolution Rock: A Clash Jukebox

Lock It Up
The Label 7"
The Album

Stick to Me
Graham Parker & The Rumour
Mercury 7"
Stick to Me

Teenage Head
Dynamite 7"
Power Pop Criminals

Blank Generation
Richard Hell & The Voidoids
Sire 7"
Sounds Of The Seventies: Punk and New Wave LP
Suggested by Joe Syph of the Best Table In Hell Podcast

Two Sevens Clash
Joe Gibbs 7"

Click the link below to download the podcast:

Remember, next week I'll be playin' some songs from Soul Asylum, the bands that influenced them, their peers and their followers, so if ya have any favorites, let me know or send them my way by April 22nd and I'll include them!

For RRW #28, I'll be playin' some songs from The Jesus and Mary Chain, so if ya have any suggestions, let me know or send them my way and I'll be sure to play them.

Send your suggestions to
Even better, send me the song you picked and an mp3 of you introducing it!

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