Sunday, December 6, 2015

Magic Hat Brewing Vinyl Amber Lager

It's a Rainy Sunday - time for a hearty brew.  Found a sweet mixed 12 pack case from the Magic Hat Brewery at my local Grocer.  Caught my eye as one of the beers featured is called VINYL.  Holy cow - how come I've never seen this one before????

Needless to say the 12 pack was purchased and I've got on of the three Vinyl Amber Lager open and ready to taste.  This one poured a nice burnt orange color with a wispy head.  The nose is faint with a bit of Crackerbread.   Took a sip and was a bit underwhelmed.  Love me a nice crisp lager and this one is the opposite of crisp.  Took a look at the Beer Advocate site and it is rated at a 78 - Damn.  Turning to the Rate Beer site, which is always generous - it is even worse - a 38 out of 100 - Ouch. 

Now I am of the mind to only say positive things - so this one is drinkable - I won't be pouring it down the drain for sure, I just hope the other 3 varieties in the 12 pack are better.....   Oh, and the brewery has a really cute promo video for the beer, which I'll embed here.

Wait - how does a little brewery like Magic Hat afford a professionally produced promo? - looked around and this brewery got sucked up into the majors as well - should have known - Caveat Emptor!


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